Top Ten Things to Know about Deception, Love and Romance

We’ve compiled a Top Ten List of the research findings on lying in romantic relationship.

  1. Deception can be achieved one of two ways:
    • Directly, by explicitly saying things which are not true
    • Indirectly, by leaving out critical information (part of the who, what, where, when, why or how).
  2. People prefer telling indirect lies, especially in close relationships.
    • Telling Indirect Lies makes people feel both less guilty and less accountable.
    • But, if discovered, the partner who has been misled does not see it that way.
  3. Lying is an automatic response designed to protect the self from harm.
  4. All the evidence indicates that deception is an inherent and necessary aspect of our close relationships—also see, why lovers lie.
  5. Lying is a relational dynamic.
  6. People save their biggest and most serious lies for those they love.
  7. Love is blind People are easily fooled by someone they love.
    • People are more susceptible to the lies of a lover than the lies of a stranger.
    • People do not like to acknowledge this.
  8. Most deception is successful; it never gets detected.
  9. When it comes to matters of deception, love and romance, people like to think they are different from everyone else, but this is typically not the case.

  10. People, not only lie to their loved ones, but they lie to themselves, especially about their use of deception.

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