Common Relationship Issues

Romantic relationships can be difficult to understand even in the most ideal of circumstances.

And relationships can quickly become a source of anxiety and despair when issues of trust, betrayal and conflict arise.

So, in addition to providing detailed information about infidelity and lying, we have also created a set of articles about common relationship problems, such as:

We also highlight a few of the dynamics underlying most of the arguments couples have, provide steps on how to rebuild trust, offer advice on how to cope with jealousy or deal with a partner’s jealousy.

Our common question page also includes information on more relationship topics.

Along the same line, we have included a list of other sites which provide more advice about dating, love and marriage. We have also created a blog highlighting the latest research and articles on relationships, infidelity and lying.

You can also ask a question about your relationship using our ask an expert feature.

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