Should I Tell My Partner...

woman thinkingAre you feeling guilty about something that you’ve done?

Perhaps you’ve done something you regret.

Typically, feelings of shame and guilt are often followed by the following question:

  • Should I tell my husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, what happened?

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time.

For instance, a flirtatious encounter at work may have gone too far. Or a surprise visit by an ex may have become too (emotionally) intimate. Or perhaps you’ve betrayed your partner’s confidence by telling his or her secrets to a friend.

Sometimes it pays to come clean, but often it can lead to more problems than it solves. Not only are such decisions difficult to make, but given the nature of the problem, it is often hard to discuss your options with others.

With this in mind, we have developed some guidelines for helping you decide when it is best to tell the truth and when it is not.

These guidelines are discussed on the pages that follow….