Snooping and Spying Secrets

Sometimes I snoop or spy.

Jealousy is my master

Monday, 16 January 2017

Snooping and spying

When you take his phone, search it for hours.
When you check under the bed, in the closets.
Deep down to the basement and back to main level.
When you rip apart his car, and go through all his sweater pockets.
And you have searched everywhere in you’re power to try to catch him in a lie....

I guess that puts a rest on a restless mind, or does it....

I snooped on my partner and am having trouble dealing with my feelings

Sunday, 16 January 2016

I snooped in my partners email and discovered that he had had a relationship with an ex-neighbor prior to meeting me. He had kept this from me, even though we had spoken about previous relationships. When I next had an opportunity I took to snooping on his mobile phone and discovered texts between them. It was obvious he still had feelings for her; he told her he still ‘fancied the pants off her’ and had to put any idea of a relationship with her out of his head, all whilst having a loving relationship with me. It was also clear that he had been and had coffee at hers. He hadn’t told me any of this and he had recently done some work at her house (he’s a builder). I asked him about her without letting on how I had rumbled him. He admitted that they had had a short fling and I felt sick, like I’d been betrayed in some way. He tried to reassure me there was nothing there now, all dead and buried, however, I still can’t help myself snooping; his email, mobile phone and even his itemized mobile phone bills to see the contact between them. I’ve stopped snooping his mobile phone but still snoop his email and bills; never found any more emails but there has been some texts. I can’t seem to stop myself, even though I understand I’m also betraying him and his privacy. I know they do remain friends, he said he would still speak to her. I don’t feel she is particularly interested in him romantically. He’s doing more work at her house next week and was honest about that work being planned. Next week will be hard for me, I’ll be constantly fearful and worrying that something is going on. I don’t like the fact that I snoop, I’m trying so hard not do it and focus on all the positive, lovely things that we have in our relationship.

Monitoring all my girlfriends communication

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

I have been monitoring my live-in girlfriend’s phone calls and text messages because I’m certain she is being dishonest about who she is talking to and spending time with. I cannot address it or find a way to bring it to light without causing a catastrophe and still not getting the truth.

Checking my boyfriend’s Facebook account

Sunday, 19 January 2014

I find it hard to trust my boyfriend anymore after hacking his Facebook and finding out that he was lying to me and still talking to two girls who were flirting with him and sending him naked pictures that he had promised to block. He told me he wasn’t talking to them anymore at all and I found out that he was on both Facebook and that smartphone IM thingy called KIK. Eventually we settled things, he blocked them on his phone and Facebook and deleted KIK from his phone. I never told him what I knew or how because I was tired of arguing, but to this day I still get on his Facebook from time to time and snoop in his phone while he’s asleep because I’m scared he’s going to start doing stuff again. Our relationship has definitely been damaged, but I hope we can soon fix things up and be okay again. I might tell him what I did someday, but not just yet.

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