Snooping and Spying Secrets

Sometimes I snoop or spy.

Spying on my girlfriend

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

My girlfriend of four years and recently fiance cheated on my with one of her coworkers. Having found out, I chose not to end things with the hope that this one and only time might be something we could overcome. But the truth is, I don’t trust her one iota. And so, I’ve been spying on her in a pretty elaborate way that has left her with little, if an privacy. Some of the lengths to which I’ve delved into her personal life would shock most people, I think. And I feel like crap for doing it, but it’s the only way I feel that I can protect myself while at the same time ensuring that when she says she’s being faithful. It’s not only when she knows I’m watching.

I feel awful about what I discovered

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

I wanted to post from the opposite side of the fence. I LOVE my wife. We have been married for 10 years and have 2 beautiful kids. She is gorgeous and sexy and I never let a day go by without letting her know. I have been faithful and never wanted anyone else but my wife. Unfortunately, about 2 weeks ago I caught her texting with another man. After confronting her (stupid me, because I guess I should have waited for more evidence) she denied denied denied. I did have some evidence which then made her confess to having a flirtatious relationship with this guy. I listened to her reasons why (she felt like she lost her identity, it was an escape etc.) and she swore to me that nothing physical has happened. It turns out that our relationship became even that much stronger as a result.... I felt like we really connected on an emotional level... more than ever before. She swore to me that she would always tell me the truth and speak to me as a friend. I promised that I would always listen and be objective. Things were going great and this little incident really just brought out the best in both of us. More sex than usual, even more communication and a renewed appreciation for communication with each other. I was not bothered by the texting incident in the slightest because I felt the end result was an even stronger commitment to one another. Then tonight, I found that she has started up texting this individual again. It’s all bullshit. I beg and pray that all of the women and men out there really read this and understand that infidelity hurts so much. I have no idea how far my wife’s conversations/actions have gone, but where there is smoke there is usually fire. Remember the reasons why you fell in love, remember the kids and most of all, remember the commitments made (till death do us part!!!). That person you married sleeping next to you once swept you off your feet. It’s up to both of you to keep it going. Good luck to all of you out there and be good to your spouses.

I snooped on my boyfriend

Wednesday, 06 September 2006

I have been dating the same guy for several yrs now. He has an online addiction to sex and porn. He says he doesn’t tho. Anyways, there’s this porn-chat site on the internet he frequents and there’s a woman there from a nearby state, the two of them are... let’s say, very intimately talking. Last month he had a job out of state in the state where she lives. I didn’t suspect anything until he turned cold on me. Almost hostile and verbally abusive. So I decided to do some snooping – make some phone calls and there it was... a hotel room receipt at a local hotel just between where he was working at this given date and where she lives. Now you tell me... DID MY BOYFRIEND CHEAT THAT DAY?

I am going to catch my husband

Thursday, 29 June 2006

I’m going to find out once and for all if my husband is having an affair with a friend of ours. I’ve invited her to our camp for the weekend. We’ll have a sauna and I’ll pretend I’m drunk (water in my beer bottle) and say I’m going to bed. I’ve bought a digital camera that takes pics in the dark without the flash, I’ll make sure the sauna window is open and I’ll listen to their conversation. When the time is right, which I know it will be shortly after I leave, up the step ladder I go to get my incriminating evidence. My problem is I don’t really have a plan after that, but at least I’ll know the truth.

Think boyfriend had rebound sex

Friday, 02 June 2006

My fiancee and I split up for two months after being together for a couple years. I moved out and it was agreed that we could see other people. He had started seeing this girl he worked with and it seemed like a rebound. We worked things out and are planning our wedding. He had repeated said nothing happened between them, and that they were just friends and I said fine. If anything did happen that was fine too, but I needed to know before I sleep with him again (I did not date nor sleep with anyone while we were apart). Later, I found some copies of email he had written to this girl and she had written to him and it clearly states that there was something and that something did happen between them. I have repeated showed the information I found and he continues to say it was nothing. I am not sure I believe him.

Don’t trust my boyfriend

Wednesday, 19 April 2006

I can’t trust my boyfriend any more. He has lied about sleeping with a girl he was friends with it happened before we met. I cant under stand why he stayed friends her. He met her at a club when he was out with one of his mates and after his pal was finished he had ago he got a std from her and lied about it. He stayed friends with her and he used to go to her house a lot. He even took her to his mums I asked him if they had ever slept together and he said no. He just felt bad about using her. I have found out a lot about this girl and she is not some one you could feel sorry for. I hate him but I am still with him. And I don’t know why. I know there is more to his story than he is telling me. What else could he see in her apart from sex. I will keep digging till I find out. That is my secret.

Husband is cheating

Saturday, 18 February 2006

I am suspicious of my husband had a affair before and after we separated we are back together now but I think he is still in contact with the person and I can’t even talk to him about it. He is on the phone with this person constantly and they email and text message each other. And I find emails that was totally inappropriate. Also pictures. And you don’t tell a friend you miss them a lot and wish you could see them and you are thinking about them. I feel disrespected as his wife. I feel betrayed by the man that I am faithful to.

Contacted boyfriend’s ex

Thursday, 16 February 2006

Recently, I secretly contacted who I thought was my ex’s ex, just to try find out how he was when she was with him... if he’d been the same with her as he’d been with me... did he lie to her all the time, cheat on her etc. Anyhow, I found out from her that they’d never even been an item, they were only ever friends. He’d actually lied to me from the start of our relationship by saying she was his ex. How pathetic is that!!!!????

Contact Ex

Sunday, 22 January 2006

I have been emailing with my boyfriend’s ex under a false name. By doing this, I get a lot of inside information about his relationship with her and their current relationship. I snoop a lot, I check my boyfriend’s email and other online accounts, as well as his cell phone call histories and text messages.

Check on husband

Saturday, 14 January 2006

I snoop through our personal computer’s history to check if my husband has joined chat rooms, contacted other women, etc. This probably happens almost weekly.

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