Revenge Secrets

I secretly tried to get even.

Rage toward the other woman

Monday, 4 December 2017

My husband and my "so called" best friend had an emotional affair. It’s been over for almost three years now, but I still have a hard time dealing with it. My secret? Sometimes I wish she were dead, or that I could kill her. I think about ways of killing her and guaranteeing that I would not be caught and spend my life in prison. I feel like that is the only way to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Of course, I would never really act on any of those feelings, but I do have many thoughts wishing she were dead and that it never happened.

My husband’s affair has led me to a dark place

Saturday, 1 July 2017

My husband of 15 years cheated on me with a coworker 11 years younger than me. His affair lasted almost two years. Before officially ending his affair... he lied several times about truly ending his affair... during this time he got a second phone and pretended to be working on our relationship. Thinking about his lies and how devious he was still makes me so angry... even now when he is seriously trying to rebuild our relationship. It angers me that it took him physically transferring to another worksite for him to finally end his affair.

Sometimes I feel like I hate him.

I think about the ugly way he treated me during the beginning and throughout his affair and I feel a deep disgust for him. Especially because it was him who was always after her... like some desperate puppy dog. I have mixed emotions... sometimes I feel like I love him but this love is not the same... it will never be the same.

I know since he has shown that he wants to be with us that I need to give him a chance but I am in a place where I want to be with someone else... I want to have sex with someone else and I fantasize about it constantly. I have even opened up pen pal and dating accounts but I end up canceling my accounts because no matter how screwed up my head is right now… deep down I know that I couldn’t start an emotional affair with another man. I love my husband and hate him at the same time. It’s a horrible feeling and I wish I could move past it to a better place.

Messing with my cheating husband’s head

Monday, 13 February 2017

I know my husband cheated on me, but I still haven’t confronted him about it. I like to text him from random numbers & send memes about being a cheater. He has no idea that it’s me. KARMA is a #$&!* though and I cannot wait until he gets his. Until then I’ll keep sending him messages reminding him he’s a nasty cheater.

Other woman wants to tell wife the truth

Monday, 16 January 2017

I began an affair with a married man in summer 2012; he lives on another continent. We maintained regular contact through snail mail, email and Skype and met a few times until January 2014, when his wife discovered the relationship. I was devastated and grieving. He continued to write to me every week, and even though I didn’t respond, I was happy to hear from him. In Dec. 2014 he set up a drop box account for two-way communication, which lasted for a short while until he stopped it, but he continued to write. In June 2016 he invited me to meet him in a ‘third’ country and he set up yet another email account through which we communicated until Sept 2016 when I stopped responding, although he kept writing until October 2016.

I went to meet him in that country and he announced that he was intending to stay with his wife. I feel angry with him for continuing to pursue me and for inviting me meet him in another country. I feel that he continued to create drama in my life for his own convenience, although I did state that if he loved his wife and me he wouldn’t continue to deceive her at my expense. Why didn’t he stop communicating after his wife found out? Why did he continue to pursue me? Now I feel as if I have to keep his secret and I don’t want to, it is an unwanted and unsolicited burden for me. I want to give his wife the evidence of his communications so that she is free to make her own decision. I know that the information will be painful to receive, but they had counselling when she discovered the affair and thought that he had changed his behaviour. Part of me believes that she deserves to know about his continued deceit so that the issue can be resolved for better or worse.

Evened the score

Monday, 16 January 2017

I cheated on my boyfriend because he broke my heart and slept with another girl.

Thinking about participating in some revenge cheating

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

One of my coworkers recently admitted to a friend that he found out his wife cheated on him. While I’m not sure if this was in past or if it’s ongoing, it’s becoming apparent he wants to get back at her by cheating as well, or is at least toying with the idea.

I’m not sure when or how this started, but after months of working together in a cramped kitchen (we’re both line cooks in a semi-upscale restaurant) I basically woke up one day and found—I’m really, really attracted to him. Not emotionally or romantically, but everything about him pronounces lust and carnality and I’m being drawn in. He constantly finds ways to make fun of me while also making innuendos, checking me out and sure there’s not a lot of room in the kitchen but he ALWAYS winds up in my personal space (and vice versa).

The other day he basically told me he’d do me and later on pretty much got me to admit the same, then apparently went behind my back to other coworkers for whether or not I have a boyfriend (I don’t).

I know it’s wrong and forbidden, even if fidelity is responsibility of the individuals, but deep down I know I want it. I can’t talk about it with most of my friends, but it’s constantly on my mind because I am dead-in-the-water hot for him, and now he knows it. I would not directly facilitate, but if he’s serious on retaliating against his wife and I’m his target, I’m sure as hell not going to do a thing to stop him.

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