Revenge Secrets

I secretly tried to get even.

I am going to cheat on my boyfriend

Saturday, 11 January 2014

After staying faithful for 2 years and a half, I’ve decided I’m going to cheat on my boyfriend. Because something tells me he has cheated on me already. I was at my boyfriend’s house when my boyfriend had left to get some groceries. His roommate and I were both drinking as we were watching TV. Last night for the second time his roommate proudly stated that there are secrets that he would take to the grave. I asked, “What secrets?” He said “Oh no I can’t tell you…you’ll just tell him.” He says this has he giggles to his gf. As I sit brewing with anger I decided to stop and get even. Many people who know him would say that he would never cheat. And I believed it until I caught him logging in to Ashley Madison (he had the account before we began dating). My world was shattered. He denies (till this day) that he signed up so he can hook up. He states that he did so to look at women’s profile pics which I know he likes to do. So I forgave and moved forward. But I can’t let go of what his roommate said. The first time his roommate implied about having secrets I confronted my boyfriend who said he has no idea what he’s talking about. I let it go as I know a cheater wouldn’t admit to anything if he is not corned. However, I can’t stay in this relationship and be the stupid faith girlfriend. I know I can’t do more than making out…as this is all circumstantial but I have had enough and I already I have my target in mind…

Might have cheated to get even

Thursday, 17 November 2011

i think my baby father is cheating on me hes always going out and staying out until 8 and sometimes 2pm in the afternoon. But i sought revenge i went to my exs house and we ended up having the best sex that I’ve ever had in my life i felt so confused and guilty but my family and friends encouraged me because they believe that my boyfriends no good. As quiet as its kept, I am wiling to do it again.

Cheating in silence

Saturday, 12 November 2011

I had an affair with a married man for over 5 years. It was initially in retaliation for finding out about my husbands affairs, and to this day I still think he is cheating on me. Although it’s ended now, I want to find another man to be with again. It was a distraction from the pain of not being able to trust my spouse. No matter how hard I try, he is still secretive and lies all the time. I want to divorce him but I am afraid of being alone and being poor. Most days I do not regret my affair and I am grateful no one ever found out. If I could I would like to be able to talk to someone but that is the price I have to pay for doing something like this.

Paranoid cheating in order to get even

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Before I got married my fiance confessed that he had been having an affair with his neighbor. Although he was very sorry for what he did, I wanted to make him pay, so I seduced and had sex with his best friend behind his back. The revenge felt SO good, that I became addicted to it. I tried to seduce his brother but that wasn’t going well so I abandoned it. But two weeks before our wedding, I seduced and had sex with three of his other work friends. It took some doing and some careful planning but I was very patient, and bided my time very well. I haven’t told him anything, and I don’t plan on doing so, unless he confesses to something else. And although I don’t think he will cheat again, I don’t trust him at all. Sometimes I get paranoid about his whereabouts, its like living in hell with all this mental torture. I’m always in a revenge mode because of that. And I always felt the need to satisfy my vengeful urges by having sex with other men, its the only way I know how to handle it. Also the quickest way, too. I was never a cheater, but he turned me into one, and sometimes I feel slutty but I can’t stop myself. One time he delayed in coming home on time, he said he was running a couple hours late, and the paranoia drove me crazy. I called and called, till we eventually ended up having a huge fight. I got upset, dressed like a slut, and drove to the nearest bar in our area, less than 3 mins away I had sex with the first two guys that hit on me, in the backseat of my car, and then drove home as fast as I could, cleaning myself up as i went. When he came home the guilt hit me like a truck and I brokedown and cried, but I couldn’t tell him. Plus I felt that he deserved it, but he thinks its the stress making me cry. I’m living in a constant state of paranoia and fear of him cheating on me, its driving me crazy, but I can’t stop cheating on him. That’s the only way I can deal with it. Currently his best friend and I are having sex regularly, and I don’t even really like the sex. I’m just letting him use my body any chance we can get, and make my husband have sex directly afterwards if I can because I’m so hurt and angry, but I want to change my life – its stressing me out. I can’t leave my husband, and I can’t stop doing what I’m doing. I have grown to hate him for making me this way. Help.

Would like to get even with my cheating boyfriend

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I have a lying partner who I love so much. But the problem is he is a flirt, a cheat and a liar. I believe he goes out to cheat on me but pretends he’s going to his brother’s place. I have started nursing hatred towards him and this feeling is becoming very powerful. I have tried engaging myself in another relationship but don’t wanna hurt anyone because I might not really love them but I am just doing it to get even with my partner. But the gospel truth is that am clueless of any strategy to adopt to make him cry like I have done a couple of times. I would really like to know how to hurt a heartless cheat like my partner.

Fighting my desire for revenge

Tuesday, 06 September 2011

Trying to find in myself, the ability to trust my husband after he has cheated. The other woman was calling and trying to get him to continue the relationship, even though she is married and everyone knows. I drove to her house wanting to run over her, but she did not come outside.

I keep fighting this rebellion inside, which wants to pay him back for all the hurt......lies, humiliation, deceit, emotional separateness.

Going to turn the tables on my boyfriend

Tuesday, 03 May 2011

I have been with my boyfriend for a year, but felt that he has always had another lover as well as myself. I feel that at first he wanted to keep his options open, but has allowed it to go on for a whole year.

My intuition has been screaming at me, and I kind of realize he plans secret meetings with them and just lies, lies and lies to me.

I kind of realize now that he does not want to give this lifestyle up and wants to juggle everyone. He has left it to get out of hand. I recognize that I am the main one, as the others are just fun and lust.

I have gone along with it and I have confronted him many times, but he denies it all. I have also finished it with him many times to shake him, and he pulls away from the others but after getting back together these women want him back too, and contact him and pull him back.

My secret now is that I have someone else interested in me, and it is at early stages. I do want a loyal man, and I feel my boyfriend has got in a mess due to having too many options, He is lost in it and is now going to lose me. This other man texts me often and I am building a bond and flirting heavy with him. I want to get my boyfriend back and walk away with another man. It would be a sweet experience.

Things are not always how they appear to be

Saturday, 02 October 2010

He had a very small penis. I pretended that it was satisfying. I faked so many orgasms. He is so hairy. He is a sex and porn addict and his wife has no idea of the man she is sleeping next to. I wish she knew of the crazy shit he wanted me to do to him. She would run FAR away. She puts on this "show" to all around her that they are this happy family. I want her to know-he is a total freak that I slept with for many many year. What the hell is wrong with me?

Getting even with my lover

Saturday, 12 June 2010

While my guy spent a 3-day weekend with another woman last year, I knew in my heart something was going on. Call it women’s intuition or whatever. by sat night i was a wreck. i had a few drinks and... ended up at my ex lovers house. well, lets just say he took REALLY GOOD care of me several times that night, which is more than i could say for my lover at the time. And now when i think of the lies and betrayal, I am thankful i have a steamy secret from that weekend as well.

Seeking revenge

Friday, 09 April 2010

Since I found out that my husband had a four year affair a month ago, I have been looking at swinger clubs, and even signed up for one club under an assumed name. Craigslist is another site that offers casual encounters. I don’t have plans yet, but it’s nice to know I can.

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