Revenge Secrets

I secretly tried to get even.

Online romance was a lie

Monday, 15 February 2010

My current partner who I’ve not yet met in person is cheating on me. I’ve caught him on many relationship sites. He don’t have as much time for me any more as once did. I spy and stalk him all the time. I even go into his mail account just to delete the responses from all the whores he’s sleeping with (I know all his passwords). I wouldn’t do this if he was honest. I’m sad that this whole thing is built on a lie. I think i know why he does it. We live 1000’s of miles apart and he thinks he’s getting away with it, when in fact he’s hurting me deeply. I don’t love him as much as I once did, but I’m still strongly attached and hopeful. Yet I have this somewhat empty feeling like it’ll never be. Sometimes I’m so angry I predict that I’m going to send what and asshole he is to all his friends through his accounts. Where he cheated and who with; put this in all his profiles and then change his passwords... It is a shame that I have to teach him a lesson. It could have been so beautiful.

I had an affair to cope with being betrayed

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

My husband had an affair. It was no doubt a defining moment in my life that I will never completely recover from. His affair forever changed me. His affair tore me apart physically and mentally.

I thought I could NEVER be the person responsible for inflicting that kind of pain on anyone. However, I too in the midst of trying to dull my agony with alcohol and prescription drugs went down the same road as my husband. The guilt was torturous but at the same time I found comfort when I was with this other married man. He became my friend and confidant.

Over time as I became closer to him and overwhelmed by my feelings for him – he retreated. He told me he loved me. We conceived a baby. A baby that could never be born...

My relationship with my husband is beyond repair and my own affair is at an end. The ONLY silver lining to my affair is that no one knows but he and I. His wife, nor my husband never have to experience the gut wrenching pain of ultimate betrayal.

MY heart is still breaking. The pain is still overwhelming. The guilt is unbearable. I want to be numb. My only wish is for the hurt to end...

I wish harm upon my husband

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

I am a wife who is married to a man in love with himself... he spends hours on the computer masturbating for strange women and even men. He has already made contact to play with some of these people. I hate him for that. That is putting me at risk. I married to be married... he married to have a woman do the chores he did not want to do so that he had more time to play. Many days I thought of ways for God to take him out. My secret is that I love him only as a distant friend... not as a husband anymore.

I have learned not to confront him with true feelings anymore because most things out of his mouth are a lie. He plays women all the time.. He had a conversation going with this one young gal for weeks... I confronted him even in a gentle way and just asked who she was.... he said that she had only said hi to him but that he did not chat with her... right. I had found numerous chats where he would ask her what she wanted to play next... right... in his chats he was also saying how he thought she probably had a very nice figure. I do not feel close to him anymore but just go through the motions until I can get on my feet financially.

My secret is that I want him to perish. I will not touch a hair on his head but I will just agree for him to take on as many lovers as he wishes then him to die from it. I am willingly handing him over to destruction because I am no longer accepting the lies he says. I dont even love him enough anymore to snatch him from the fire. I think some belong in the fire quite frankly. Some say... go to a therapist... I say... if he will continually lie to his wife... he is not going to tell the truth to a therapist. Get real folks. I am just tired of his lies and fake self... not the man I married anymore. Of if he is, he sure keeps some whopper secrets from me. I fear and love God enough to do no physical harm to him... but who is to say one of his mistresses will not....

I will get even for my husband’s cheating

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

I recently found out my husband of 4 yrs, had sex with another women while I was pregnant with health issues. I was angry at first, but now I secretly make him believe that we’re going to be ok, because I want to cheat on him. Everytime I go out I flirt so bad. It feels great even though I am wrong. But, an eye for an eye just keeps ringing in my head.

I cheated on him in order to get even

Saturday, 09 May 2009

I messed around with another guy and I am engaged. I did it because he cheated on me for a good three months, taking showers, kissing, messing around with another girl and even dumping me for a while to be with her. And guess what? I don’t feel that bad. I liked it a lot. And it’s helped me get over his dumbass decisions.

Trying to turn the tables on my cheating boyfriend

Tuesday, 03 March 2009

After my "gut" talking to me for months, I recently discovered my boyfriend was cheating on me with a woman who lives far from our hometown. I learned of their affair via snooping his cell phone and some letters on his desk. I sent them both anonymous text messages. I told her about me and him. I told him had been busted and can’t hide the truth from his girlfriend for long. Then, just to let him sweat, I played dumb...

Cheating on my boyfriend to keep things even

Thursday, 14 August 2008

I was faithful to my boyfriend of 4 years for the first 2 and half years and then I discovered he cheated on me while I was having a miscarriage with his first child. He went away to see her (his other woman) and left me to fend for myself on mother’s day weekend while going through the miscarriage. I forgave him and took him back and he was still contacting her when he said he wouldn’t. I believe he was still sleeping with her but I couldn’t prove it so I thought I was being paranoid... but then I GOT EVEN! I hooked up with a very good friend of mine who showed me everything that I was missing. It felt GOOD! He took me out to a really expensive restaurant, we went to his hotel and cuddled to a movie and fell asleep. Then WE DID the DEED. It was not planned that way but it happened and as adults we BOTH wanted it. To this day we remain friends. I am still in a relationship with my boyfriend and we now have a baby girl. I then found out he cheated on me with “her” when I was 8 months pregnant... bottom line he makes the rules for the game... I’m playing by HIS rules. We love each other VERY MUCH... I believe he is just a spontaneous cheater... I don’t think he has real feelings for “her” he just has to take the opportunity if it arises. He ALWAYS comes home to me, even before we had the baby. Yeah he spent 5 days with her but, eventually he CAME HOME to me. I left him when I found out he cheated and HE CAME after me NOT HER. Bottom line is... I think he may still be in contact with her... maybe not having sex with her but she’s still around... I can feel it. SO I KEEP MY OPTIONS OPEN TOO.

I cheated because he was overly jealous

Monday, 31 March 2008

I am with a man who I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with. And I have cheated on him. In irony, I cheated because of his fear of me being unfaithful. His constant suspicion and endless jealousy pushed me away. My feelings of love slowly turned into hatred.

I cheated in order to even the score

Saturday, 10 November 2007

After my boyfriend cheated on me with a very close friend and co-worker, I swore to myself that I would never do the same to him. That was over 2 years ago. Well, a few months ago I slept with a guy I work with. I did it twice. We still work with each other, and he and my boyfriend see each other on a regular basis. I’m not scared that he will tell him, I’m scared that whoever he has told will tell him... (small town). And after the fact, I found out this guy I work with is a complete jerk. I feel like what I did isn’t as bad as what my boyfriend did. It is more of an "eye for an eye" given that my boyfriend started it all by cheating on me.

I contacted the other woman pretending to be my husband

Saturday, 20 October 2007

I discovered my husband had an affair with a woman and I found her e-mail address. He said he had left her, but wanted to make sure it was not a lie. I started e-mailing her by using a fake e-mail account I created in my husband’s name – using one of his business accounts. As soon as I contacted her pretending to be my husband, she started telling him (me) how much she was dreaming about him and how much she was thinking about him and how she loved him. Then I started responding nicely but distant for awhile, as my husband had told me he had done, until I realized that my husband was not in fact communicating with her anymore. I finally dropped her without ever letting her know it was me. She still writes to him from time-to-time with the hope that he will go back to her. She is so desperate and now I feel somewhat guilty and so sorry for her. But, I can’t ever tell anyone what I have done.

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