Revenge Secrets

I secretly tried to get even.

I cheated on my girlfriend out of revenge

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

I cheated on my girlfriend to relive my stress because I know for a fact that she’s going to cheat on me with someone she works with. I don’t think she’s physically cheated yet, but she will. I know because I go through her cell phone and find messages about how they feel about each other and when they can spend time together. Yeah, I know reading her text messages destroyed my world. But now I can’t wait till she finds out I’ve already cheated on her. Fair is fair.

Cheated on my boyfriend to get even

Friday, 26 May 2006

I tried to get back at my boyfriend and had sex with 3 other guys behind his back. I used condoms except with one guy. When I found out I was pregnant I told my boyfriend and the other guy that it was the other guy’s baby. I had her and she is my boyfriend’s but I still have the other guy thinking she is his because I don’t want to hurt him or his family. Eight months have went by and they still think she is his because they share some of the same features. I am so ashamed and afraid that my boyfriend will one day find out.

Getting even

Wednesday, 22 March 2006

7 mos. ago, my husband of 1yr and I seperated. I found that he was dating online. He tried to lie to cover this all up. revealed all of my proof, moved out of our home and had divorced papers served to him before he could blink. He never knew someone could get papers signed by a judge so fast... but lets just say ‘I know people’. weeks went by w/him calling & yelling at me. He really got mad when he realized I get more than 1/2 (you know what I mean). Then out of the blue he wants to work things out. I continued to live in my own house for several months before moving back into our home. He was so busted! He has admitted to somethings and tried to justify other things. I don’t think that I can trust him at all.
I make it obvious that I’m still monitoring his actions (you know watching how he spends every penny, every move he makes online, etc.) He still gets defensive about this. I don’t think he should. The fact that he gets defensive makes him look guilty. The fact that he won’t come 100% clean about EVERYTHING that happened & help me understand why makes me not trust him even further. makes me want revenge. I’ve thought about cheating on him just to pay him back. I lie to him about little things just because I can. I cannot talk to him about any of this, he’ll clam up or get defensive. I don’t have closure on this issue. I’m not sure I even care to be with him anymore and secretly I will screw this man up! I did warn him.. I asked him why he would want to be with a woman scorned, especially since he was the one that scorned her. He simply said because he was sorry and he loves me... Bull!
Thanks so much for this outlet. I really needed to vent.

Revenge is sweet

Monday, 13 March 2006

My partner left me the other day for no reason that I could really think of. So this left me some down time and my mind to think as why he left. Now to get even I have started to clear the bank account out and have bought new locks. Also I am now looking to have an affair with someone that he knows. Revenge is sweet.

Hurting Ex-boyfriend

Tuesday, 27 December 2005

I have been seeing my ex-boyfriend for the last 2 years even though he has had a live in 3 months after we broke up. I have secretly tried to make sure she found out, calling at odd hours, keeping him from going home many time until early morning hours, manipulating him. The truth is – I just wanted him to leave, but I don’t think I really wanted him... he is a cheater after all. So now she has him all to herself, she knows, and I guess that is my retribution... she will make like miserable for him.


Wednesday, 14 December 2005

I monitor my honey’s chatting practices by using a pseudonym and going into the chatroom and watching him. I know he talks to women online and on his cell but I don’t tell him how sure I really am.

Got even with cheating husband

Thursday, 20 October 2005

My husband had an affair and I found out. I asked him to leave. He went to live with her. After two months he told me he loved me still. Knowing that I could never trust him again I encouraged him and I did give him the impression that he could come back to me. In the early hours one morning, he arrived at our house after telling his girl friend that he wants his family back.

After two days with me I told him that I did not want him any more and asked him to go. I felt empowered at the time, but now I realise that I was just vindictive.

Stop lying to myself

Thursday, 20 October 2005

I am so very attracted to my husband....but the reality is that he has been a sex addict for our entire relationship....I want to believe what he says now, he wants our relationship to work now, but I just don’t believe him, I don’t trust him, and I don’t want to get revenge or cheat on him....although that drama crosses my mind because I want him to feel the pain I do...but I know that is not an option for me, what I want is to be real and sort my life out and feel safe and secure and that is my secret that I am going to do that, whether he is lying again or not....I am not going to live with a cheating partner....the truth will prevail I believe in myself and that I am able to build a new positive more secrets from myself!

Boyfriend confessed – I didn’t

Thursday, 20 October 2005

My boyfriend of 5 years just recently told me he cheated on me with a woman from his work. She no longer works there and I also decided to work things out with him. But what my boyfriend doesnt know is that I was cheating on him with my ex for the past 2 years.

Don’t love spouse

Thursday, 20 October 2005

While trying to work on my relationship with my spouse it occured to me that I don’t love them any longer because in addition to being a workaholic they also constantly complain about feeling bad or being depressed. Maybe if they got a life and did something other than work like a slave all the time they wouldn’t feel this way all the time. The only reason I stay around is for the benefit of my children...coming from a broken home I know that divorce is very hard on the kids.

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