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I’m keeping a secret from my loved one.

My boyfriend left me for her

Friday, 16 November 2007

My secret... I know my lover fell in love with someone else. That’s why he started finding fault with me. I never confronted him about it. I was so afraid that he would leave me. I tried to pretend like it wasn’t happening. Three months after we broke up, I saw them together and they looked so happy. It killed me inside.

My boyfriend thinks I was a virgin

Monday, 12 November 2007

I lied to my boyfriend about being a virgin before we met. Not only have I been with other guys, I’ve even had an abortion.

I can’t tell my wife...

Friday, 09 November 2007

I am happily married, I love my wife, and we have a great sex life. But I still masterbate several times a day. If I told her, she would be hurt and not understand. I hate that I can’t stop and have to hide it from her.

How I got rid of my girlfriend

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

When I realized I was dealing with something in cluster B—borderline, narcissistic, whatever... I stopped bathing and getting haircuts and cleaning the house. I told her I had a new budget and could not eat out, etc. and I made a point of bring up all my faults, weaknesses, and lackings on a daily basis.

I did this intending for her to be repulsed and conclude I was not good enough for her—meaning to play right into her disorder.

I was desperate... but clever; she’s actually left me alone.

By the way, thanks for listening to my secret, it really feels great to share.

I am a mess in a relationship

Monday, 15 October 2007

I am in my current relationship because my boyfriend is seen by my family and friends as a good looking, successful, an overall good catch. I am not nice to him; I constantly criticize his choices in clothing, music and whatever else I can find. In essence, I try control his actions and behaviors. He has lied to me (caught him) and I have lied to him (caught me). Strange as it sounds, I want to continue the relationship with him, but I am not certain why. I feel like such a fraud and that if I let him go that NO ONE will ever love me again. I am a mess. I know that there are others out there like me. It is just so lonely to be in my mind and my body. I hope that by sharing this someone else will know that they are not alone, that there are others of us out here. It hurts so deeply, it’s a lonely existence.

My first love still haunts me

Wednesday, 03 October 2007

My first love broke my heart fifteen years ago and I have yet to recover from it. He continues to re-enter my life and stir up past emotions at all the wrong times. I am certainly to blame in all of this as well. I have kept him close to me as a friend and have been intimate with him a handful of times over the past decade. I have had either an emotional or physical affair on every man I’ve been with since- and it’s always been with my ex. I hate the person that I am because of this. I love my current boyfriend more than anything in the world yet I can’t stay away from my past.

Lacking passion in my marriage

Thursday, 13 September 2007

I am married to a very kind, generous, loving husband. However, there really has never been true passion between us. I believe he feels it for me, but I do not feel it for him.

I feel as though he is a great husband but I’m bored and I find myself wanting to stray.

At work there are several guys who are attractive to me and I find myself preferring to be in their company than the company of my husband.

I do not want to be unfaithful but yet I do want true passion.

I fear that I may stray and then I will be forever sorry.

This is so wrong to say but the sad truth: I want to have an affair & know that my husband will NEVER find out.

My past is my business

Monday, 10 September 2007

I personally believe that what you’ve done before you met your friend, lover or husband is really none of their concern. They are with you for the person you are today and the life that you build tomorrow. Every body make mistakes that they wish they can take back but that’s why its called our past and I don’t see nothing wrong with leaving it there.

I love an old friend

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

One night I got drunk with an old friend that lead to us fooling around, and now I realize how much I love you. The guilt of realizing of how much this relationship matters really destroys me. Hopefully, since this was only once I can move forward and do everything to make this relationship better.

Unrequited love has ruled my life

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

I have only ever been in love once, and still am. Although married (just split) after 27 years, I can only love this other man. There will never be anyone else, I do not think he loves me, we shared extreme physical communication and lots of romance, but I believe that is all he wants. I met him again after three years apart, he did not want to know me, he has been distant but I still just dont get it, I cannot help but feel that he has the same sort of feelings for me. My head says that it is all wrong and that I should never have let my husband go, because this other man is not only married but from a very strict religious background, it would never ever work. But there is something there that cannot be described. I want to get away again now and stop contacting him, he is always too busy to see me, so I know it seems pathetic that I keep contacting him. But there is this underlying feeling that we were meant to be together. It is a very hard place to be, as now I have my freedom from a volatile relationship and have more to offer, but now he is really not interested. I feel better now for sharing this secret because my heart is broken and needs to heal.

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