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I’m keeping a secret from my loved one.

Staying with you not for love

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

I only stayed with you because of the things you could do for me. I stopped loving you years ago, back when you cheated on me. I stayed because I did not want the other woman to have you, not because I was still in love with you. When you touch me, or kiss me I feel absolutely nothing for you..

I have a secret to share with you

Thursday, 06 September 2012

I told you I only made out with that boy, but I actually had sex with him. I lied to you, because the thought of losing you was more than I could handle. I want to move on with my life and move forward in our relationship but I hold this guilt inside me and it’s eating me up. I love you, and I am sorry. I’m working up the courage to tell you this face to face so that I can forgive myself and put it behind me.

Sexual encounter with another man

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I had a sexual encounter with another man.

Secret crush I want to go away

Monday, 06 August 2012

I have a crush on someone. I think about this person all the time. I feel extremely guilty because I am in a committed relationship but I want nothing more than to just go for it. I’m hoping that writing this secret will deflate the obsession.

Upset about my boyfriend talking to his ex

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

I cannot understand why I am still upset at my bf for sill talking to his ex. He moved me in with him and we are doing alright. Things could be better but I just want answers. Love can only be so deep. I’m not happy like I was once, only because I feel like the person I go to to talk about everything I can’t anymore. I just know that I better not find anything else because if I do I’m done. He knows this and if he’s smart he wont do it again, but then again a man is a man and they are going to do what they do. All I want is faithfulness. No cheating no lying no nothing. I’m striving to be happy and secure and gain my confidence back, and if that involves not being with him and alone then that’s fine too.

Want to have sex outside of my marriage

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Call me frustrated. My husband has been cheating on me for several years now. He is basically a promiscuous person while I have been a good woman (born again christian). No matter how much he would cheat (and I always find him out somehow), I have always taken him back. I have never thought of paying him back by cheating with another man that is why I am worried now that I am heavily attracted and kissed this old friend of mine. We even got a bit further even though nothing was concluded. Cheating doesn’t come naturally to me and I feel bad for the wife since the guy is also married. What worries me is that I can’t get the moments we have spent together with my friend out of my mind, especially since my husband is staying out of town. I am not sure of whether I should pursue this thing since I know for a fact the pain caused by being cheated on and I don’t wanna be a cause of another woman’s misery. I even now miss the other guy more than my husband. I think I have unresolved anger with my guy that is why I am looking for an outlet. He doesn’t believe in counseling and I am frustrated cos I don’t see myself trusting anything he says ever again especially with the long distance. I am sexually deprived and want some excitement but I don’t have guts to pursue what makes me happy. I even feel that I will never be happy in my life since I am stuck in this s***hole of a marriage and can’t even get sexual release since hubby comes home once a month for one night. My morals are holding me back and now I even wish I were someone else. I am soooo frustrated.

Afraid of being alone forever

Monday, 23 July 2012

I am scared that I will spend my life alone, never knowing a loving relationship, never having a family and never being the most special person in someone else’s life.

Drinking behind my wife’s back

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

I made a proposal to my wife that I would not have anything to drink until we worked out our relationship. We are going to take a marriage class. I have been sneaking drinks for quite a while now. I got caught. a couple of months ago. I rarely if ever get drunk. I have been a life long drinker and am in the 60’s. My wife no longer drinks due to cancer, which has been a big stressor for both of us.

Well after proposing in writing to her that I would lay off, I did sneak a few beers for 2 days but today I decided to lay off like I said I would. I made a mistake but this time she does not know and I am afraid she could leave me or become completely disgusted. I did not get drunk or anything of the sort. I just felt rebellious having been an obedient kid my whole life. I think I just wanted to spread my wings. I have read that there is no sense in revealing this latest slip-up. It hurt no one and I have Obssessive-compulsive disorder for which I take meds occasionally. I think revealing my shortcomings has become an impulsive action. To reveal this latest mistake will serve no purpose. This time I really will lay off. I guess it takes a lot of forgiving of yourself to survive life.

Feelings for more than one person

Monday, 09 July 2012

I am in love with my dream man. He is everything I have ever wanted. I never expected for this to really happen. The problem is that I seem hell bent on ruining it because I have strong feelings for another man. I know I don’t want to be with him, my boyfriend is the man I see myself with. I just have such an intense attraction to this other guy that whenever I see him I can’t help myself but to spend hours talking to him. We get on so well and he is so utterly gorgeous. I know that I should just cut him out of my life. Its easier when I don’t see him, I just focus on my life, which is great. Just every now and then the urge gets overwhelming and I end up obsessing over him again. Its just such an exciting feeling. Its like a drug, something I don’t seem to have any control over. I feel guilty that I can’t exercise a little willpower but half of me thinks why should I not be able to feel about both of them. It doesn’t make me love my boyfriend any less. I don’t want to hurt anyone, especially myself. Why is it so hard?

Feel betrayed by my boyfriend

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I just found out my boyfriend of 6 years is cheating on me. He had cancer. It’s in remission, but he still has medical issues. He has a big life online since he cannot go out. I had some trouble dealing with his pain, but for the past several months things have been getting better for us emotionally. Recently, he re-joined an online community. He started getting text messages all the time. He said it was various friends. We had a huge fight when we went out to dinner and someone was texting him and he kept texting them back. I was so nervous I checked his text messages. He was texting a girl. He said he longed for her, that he was so close to her online, it hurt him to keep them a secret in real life. He said he felt trapped. We aren’t married, but I have paid for his medical bills, everything. I take care of him. I wouldn’t do these things if I didn’t love him. I feel so betrayed, but I don’t want to just start screaming at him.

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