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I’m keeping a secret from my loved one.

Secret friendship I have to hide from my girlfriend

Tuesday, 09 August 2011

I am friends with someone my girlfriend asked me not to be friends with because she doesn’t like them. I do. I feel like a hypocrite and a liar for having this secret friendship behind her back. I would love to tell her but I just know my gf and it will end up in a big fight. I also am feeling like I am not in love with my gf anymore but don’t feel ready to leave her. So, I feel like I am living two lives and it is killing me.

Escorting to pay bills

Saturday, 06 August 2011

A few months ago I was facing a tremendous amount of debt, and bills were piling up. I found a website which hooked me up with older, wealthy men who were willing to pay money for sex. I have traveled across state lines and been payed up to $1000/hour for sex. I did not want to tell my boyfriend about the money problems I was having and he has no idea that I was a prostitute for a short amount of time. I know that what I did was wrong, but it was a quick fix for the problem. I regret it every single day of my life, and break down and cry from time to time knowing that I have gone to such extremes. Our relationship will never be quite what it was.

Told my boyfriend I am a virgin

Tuesday, 02 August 2011

Phew! This has been eating me up for quite some time now. I recently found a boyfriend, who is, in my books, everything I need and more, but here comes the problem. I am not really sure if I’m still a virgin or not, as I used to indulge in oral sex with my ex, my current boyfriend wants to have sex, but I told him I wasn’t ready as I am still a virgin. I don’t know if there is a slight possibility that I might not be a virgin. If I’m not then I might lose the man I have been waiting for all my life.

Not sure how my secret will end

Friday, 29 July 2011

I was caught in emotional affair with a friend. It did go physical, but never full sex (oral only on him). I looked my husband in the eyes and lied. However I did fess-up to doing what I did, eventually. Since then, I can’t seem to wrap my head around my feelings for this guy during this affair. I keep clouding my thoughts with knowing the hurt I have caused. I also avoid it as much as possible and try to divert our conversations. I’m very intimidated by my husband’s anger and completely clam up when he wants to talk. He swears I haven’t told everything and I guess in a way I haven’t b/c I can’t get out what I was feeling during this affair. He also feels like the example he gave of what he felt possibly happened was almost exactly what happened. He feels like I used his story knowing it was what I felt he could handle. I just want to be able to open up entirely to him about the how’s and why’s so he can get closure from this mess and move on with me. Problem is the unknown. I think I completely clam up b/c I don’t know what the future brings and I don’t want to open up to his hurt or to see the actual person I truly am b/c I don’t know where that will lead me. I don’t want our daughter to be raised in a broken home and I see us being a stronger couple in the end. I don’t know how to get to that end result though.

Hate my marriage

Friday, 29 July 2011

I love my husband, our marriage is in its infancy... it’s only been three years and I’m already having doubts. I got married at 20, maybe that was stupid maybe it was smart God only knows. My husband is a smart man, I mean really smart but he won’t go back to school and that bothers me. HOW can someone with so much potential NOT go to college? I guess my secret is I’m mad at him for not making something of his life and hes damn near 30. I’m mad at him for living up to his potential and I’m mad I said yes. I don’t know if I made the right decision to get married anymore. I feel like a fool, and I probably sound like a bitch.

I guess my secret is I hate my marriage.

My boyfriend is a hypocrite

Monday, 25 July 2011

My boyfriend was angry at me for flirting with guys but then at the same time he was doing worse with one of his ex girlfriends. Yelling at me while he was doing the very same thing.

Boyfriend still loves someone else

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Sometimes I think that, to my boyfriend, I am the best of a bad situation-- that his grandiose love story involves someone else and that that long ago lover is what will always be dearest to his heart. Since he can’t be with her though, he is with me. He constantly affirms to me otherwise, saying that I am his dream girl, but what he says and what he does are two completely different things. He kisses me like he kisses his grandmother and shows very little sexual interest so I end up feeling more like someone he’s just rather fond of, rather than someone he’s passionately in love with.

Feeling out of control around boyfriend

Monday, 11 July 2011

I hate my boyfriend speaking to any girl I don’t know, and I hate what I am when I’m around him. I wish I’d never meet him cause I hate feeling this much lack of control, and I can’t live without him.

Tangled web involving pregancy

Monday, 11 July 2011

I met my ex boyfriend over a year ago and he lied about how long he was divorced. He said a year and a half and it was only 2 months. Bye the time I found out the truth he and I were pretty connected so I let it go. Come to find out he lied about man many things but long story sort he moved me out far from my family and friends in the city to the country... and then he left me to get back with the ex-wife and kids. He still paid on the house and all the bills and I made it back to the city and he came out and found me and we started again... and to make a long story short we broke up a couple more times but kept seeing each other and I guess I rationalized it by saying she didn’t care when she took him back from me. But bottom line is he wont leave and I don’t want him and would never trust him. But I loved or think I did anyway... and so when he left me one of the times we broke up I lied and said I was pregnant. I know very immature and stupid! Now its gotten totally out of hand and he thinks I have a baby! (Don’t ask because hes been with me all but 2 months of the last year) I have broke down and told him several time the truth when I’ve felt strong and I do want him out of my life but now he says he believes he has a child with me and that I hurt him and it will never heal. Then when he makes me angry I say whatever then fine you have a son and your still a jerk so stay out of my life. Well we broke up for good now this time. ( I hope he stays away). And I am so depressed at my behavior and we both were wrong for everything. But after the way he treated me last time I don’t feel I owe him proof either way anymore and we are not having contact... I told the ex-wife and she changed the numbers so he wont hear from me. I feel badly that he thinks he may have a son with me and I don’t want to carry this secret around forever... should I tell him or forever keep it locked up since he isn’t going to be around anyway?

My tangled web.

Feelings for my friend’s ex

Saturday, 18 June 2011

My friend’s boyfriend (also my good friend and now her ex) broke up with her about 2 weeks ago and I kissed him yesterday.. I think I like him but nothing will happen with me and him again because it would hurt her so much. I don’t think its best to admit the truth to her because she’s not over him. but maybe I will in the future.

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