Made a Mistake Secrets

I’ve done something I shouldn’t have.

I regret an affair from my past

Sunday, 11 October 2009

I was in love with a married man... whom I grew up with as kids... we saw each other on and off for about four years til recently I got involved with someone locally. I hate myself for having what I’ve done now that I’ve found happiness... Before, I was irresponsible and vulnerable... All my past relationships were bad and I longed for love... So I had an affair with an old friend, who was in a bad marriage. We were both looking for love in the wrong places. Til this day, I don’t understand why I did what I knew was wrong... I am not a bad person but this eats away at me... I want to be able to express myself and forgive myself so I can move.

Lied about kissing another girl

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

I want to change...

Recently I kissed a girl whilst in the same house as my girlfriend of one year. My girlfriend knocked on the door during the incident but I was already stopping what I was doing, realizing it was wrong.

She was furious (with good reason). I took her away from the room and explained to her that the girl kissed me then I rubbed my face and that was why her lip stick was spread over my face. This was a complete lie.

I kept the truth from her for two months before writing a letter that detailed what I had done, my intentions at the time and that I was sorry. During these two months we went to couples counseling where I continued to lie about what happened among other things.

Since I told her she is living separately from me. She hates that I lied to her and hates that I cheated on her. I hate it more. I woke up a morning after and said to myself, ‘what the f**k you need to change.’

Since then I have been going to counseling and telling the truth. I’ve read pages and pages on lying and cheating.

I am repairing my relationship, stopping the lies and becoming a person I can look in the eye and know who I am. I lied to my friends, my family and the person who I cared for the most. It’s not a secret anymore, but I wanted to share.

A secret I can’t share

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

I have a secret I can never tell, because to do so would put someone I love’s life in danger. There’s so much I want to know, about the thing I can’t tell... Why? When? What were the circumstances, that led to such a conclusion? But I can’t ask. And I can’t tell. I can push it to the back of my mind, but I wonder if the far-reaching repercussions will catch up with us some day. The giving of the secret was the ultimate act of trust, from someone incapable of it... How do I keep a secret worth more than my life?

Gave my girlfriend herpes

Monday, 06 July 2009

I got herpes from my ex-gf. I transferred it to my new girlfriend and didn’t tell her I had it.

Thinking about getting back together with my ex

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I fell in love with my ex husband in high school. I thought he was my soul mate. We were together for 10 years. Over that time I cheated on him numerous times. I had no idea how badly I hurt him by doing so. I finally left him, thinking I could do better and be happier. I moved on and found someone new. I thought he was Mr. Right. I now find out he is a compulsive liar. He lies about money, sex, work, whatever, it doesnt matter. I think I love him but I wonder sometimes if I rushed into it to quickly thinking he was Mr. Perfect. I now find myself thinking of my ex frequently. Wanting the great connection that we have always had and still do. I promised myself that I would never cheat ever again because I saw how badly it hurt my ex and now I see how badly it has hurt me. I honestly think my ex would take me back in a heartbeat. As far as I know he has still yet to be with another woman, ever, other than me and we have be apart and divorced for over 2 years. I guess I need to decide if I realy do love my ex more than I ever realized and take the good with the bad or try to help my husband now get over his lying and try to start over...

Online relationship started with a lie

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

My relationship with a friend I made online has developed into a romantic attachment. We’ve been together for many months, but have never met, and plan to never meet. When our relationship started, I sent him pictures of someone else, not me. I did it because we were new to each other and I didn’t want to share what I really looked like with him; because I never believed our relationship would last this long or that we’d become so close, and because I didn’t think he’d have any interest in me if he saw the real me. I’m not ugly; I’m overweight and very insecure about it. Now that I know him more, I know my weight never would have been an issue, but my lie when we met has become out of hand and I don’t know what to do. To tell him the truth will only hurt him. To have him find out on his own will hurt him more. We are never going to meet, ever, but if circumstances somehow worked out and there was a chance for us to meet, I wouldn’t be able to handle it. I don’t know what to do.

I ruined our credit

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

My husband does not know that I ruined our credit. I secretly charged $5000.00 on a credit card and fell behind on the payments. We also are having problems with our HOA wanting $1800.00 and he doesn’t know about any of it.

I married the wrong person

Thursday, 01 January 2009

I’m afraid I married the wrong person and have made a terrible mistake. I don’t think I want to raise children with this person but I don’t know what to do. I’m afraid and ashamed to leave the marriage—everyone thinks were a perfect couple.

Feeling guilty about a past affair

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

I am riddled with guilt and feelings of self-hatred for making the mistake of cheating on my husband 14 years ago. I could never bring myself to tell him. At first I was able to push the feelings down and get on with life but lately the feelings of shame and disappointment in myself have resurfaced causing deep depression. I feel like a fraud. To tell would bring about such chaos as I need to consider the impact on other family members. Looking back I can’t believe it was me who did this. I would never do it again and counsel anyone out there to remain true to yourself and your spouse because what’s done can’t be undone.

Something happened with a friend

Wednesday, 01 October 2008

Last Sunday a female friend of mine was feeling upset and down and asked if she could stay over. I told my girlfriend about the situation and she was ok with it. So I set up the spare room for my friend, she wanted me to hold her, and I did, and that’s when things went wrong. We didn’t kiss or have sex but other things happened. Things we both regret. It won’t happen again. She appears to be over her guilt, and is more worried about me telling my girlfriend. I haven’t told my girlfriend what happened and I dunno if I can. I feel sick with guilt. My girlfriend is coming to visit this weekend and I really don’t know what to do.

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