Made a Mistake Secrets

I’ve done something I shouldn’t have.

Regret cheating on my boyfriend

Sunday, 24 August 2008

I cheated on my live-in boyfriend of four years. I am madly in love with him still and trying to work through my personal guilt. He was out of town for the weekend and I was bored and looking for company. I had been feeling a lot of confusion about where our relationship was going and whether or not it was working—whether or not I was happy. I met some friends that I never see for some drinks. One in particular that I knew was attracted to me. One thing led to another, and after getting drunk, I slept with him. The next day I found myself feeling completely devastated, shocked, and disgusted at my stupid behavior. I cannot tell my boyfriend—I love him—respect him and want to work things out. I know that through this experience I have to learn how to communicate my desires and issues with my boyfriend and to remember to not give into that confusion when it comes along. I know I will never, ever do anything like this ever again by not allowing myself to be in a compromising position such as that. I love him, I hope that if he knew he could forgive me and that I can forgive myself and give this relationship all that I have.

Encounter with my brother’s wife

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

When I was 15 my older brother’s wife had sex with me. I was just young and wanted the urge to go away. This was over 25 years ago. I know I should have not done it, but I did. I still feel awkward around him. I wish I had never done it!

Fooled around on my girlfriend

Monday, 28 April 2008

Last night I was involved with another couple in sexual play but not actual intercourse. It was seriously only for about 2 minutes and the result of drunk rambling. I have a girlfriend and feel terrible for what I have done. I would never cheat on her again because I love her too much and I never want to feel like this again. I thought I might feel better writing this down as I’m never going to tell her what happened. Our relationship would not handle it and I need to learn to live with my mistakes. Thanks for listening.

Lied about my past sexual history

Wednesday, 09 April 2008

When I first started dating my boyfriend, I had no idea where it would lead. So, I lied to him about how many people I’ve been with—no big deal—it wasn’t his business at the time. Well, now that we are engaged we are going back to my hometown to meet all of my family and friends (some I slept with). I don’t know how to tell him the truth and I’m worried he is going to find out somehow.

My boss forced me to have an affair

Tuesday, 06 November 2007

I have kept a secret from my husband of 10 years who I love more than life.

I have been having an affair with my boss for a year now. It all started when I went to borrow my pay check early to pay a late bill. He told me he would but it would cost me. I didn’t know how much it cost until later. He made me have sex with him to get my money, and I did. I don’t enjoy it and never have. I know I am an adult and I can say no, but he threatened to tell my husband. Now my guilt is eating at my heart. And the worst part, I am starting to accuse my husband of cheating. I could not say anything about it if he was anyway because of what I am doing.

I have found a new job. I start next week. I just want to get away from this place and be happy.

I drank too much and cheated on my girlfriend

Monday, 05 November 2007

I have been with my girlfriend for 3 and a half years and love her dearly. Last weekend I was out with some friends and we all ended up very, very drunk.

I can barely remembered what happened, but I somehow ended up sleeping with one of my friends from work. I never wanted it to happen and I’ve done anything like this before. I am so full of remorse and guilt, I don’t know what to do.

I know how she stands on cheating and this would be the end of us, if I was to tell her. All this has made me realize how much I really do love her and I couldn’t bear to loose her.

If only I could take it all back....

Feeling out of control and self-destructive

Sunday, 28 October 2007

To start, I’m a chronic pot head with bulimic and anorexic tendencies. I recently left a bad 13 year relationship and find myself going downhill fast. I’m with a new man, have been for 3months, but already managed to ruin it by sleeping with someone else now I feel guilty. I am disgusted with myself. All of these things are being kept secret as well as my chronic binge of weekend drinking to get drunk and pass out. And let’s not forget about the unprotected sex I continually have. I think I’m self destructing and sabotaging my life on purpose or punishment for messing so many things up. I’m approaching my 30th b-day in a month fun my brain feels like I’m 16, confused and scared looking for a way out.

Feeling guilty about girls’ night out

Thursday, 25 October 2007

I recently had a girls’ night out with a friend who is about to get married. Her fiancé and my boyfriend of over four years were spending the evening at a bachelor party in Atlantic City. There evening was going to be filled with strippers and clubs. We decided to go out and have a girl’s night. She immediately declared our mission was to have boys hit on us all night. To make a long story short, after many beverages, men were constantly hitting on us. A guy I encountered at the gym proceeded to flirt with my all night and was feeding me an enormous amount of compliments. I flirted right back but did tell him early on that I had a boyfriend. At the end of the night they invited us back for afterhours, we decided to go. Nothing happened; the guy did put his arm around me a few times but nothing else. He asked to kiss me, but I didn’t. My friend on the other hand (who is getting married), was a bit over the top with the flirting and even wanted to go in the guy’s bedroom. I pretty much dragged her out of there. I am just feeling really guilty for going there, nothing happened and I was upfront about my boyfriend. I just know it wasn’t appropriate. I put myself and my relationship in the wrong place, luckily with impaired judgment it didn’t go too far. Just feeling bad about my poor choice, and I know that this is one of those things I should let go but I am having trouble doing it.

I feel awful about cheating on my fiancee

Monday, 22 October 2007

I am so depressed and so upset that I kissed my neighbor (and a little more, but not sex). I am so upset and feel so bad about what happened. I love my fiancée so much and am very excited about our wedding. I never want to do anything to hurt her and I know I have. I am so sad and upset emotionally that I am getting sick physically. I don’t know what to do.

Falling in love with someone who is engaged

Sunday, 21 October 2007

I am that other woman. I met a man who just happens to be engaged. One week ago, the first time we met, friends were congratulating him on getting engaged. He said... don’t do it and was laughing about it. Later that night, we became very attracted to each other and slept together. For the past week, we have not lost contact with one another, we have gone out four times already together and he has slept over two. We have great conversation, feel very comfortable around each other and are both lost for words. He says he cares about me, wished I was around 3 years ago, tells me that this just feels right compared to his fiancée. He tells me he is falling for me hard and can’t stop thinking about me, says he’s emotionally attached already, etc. He just wants to see me happy and has said he feels he is making a huge mistake... But I am reluctant to think that he would change that mistake before it’s too late. I am falling hard for him and can’t stop thinking about the missed opportunities and possibilities.

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