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Marriage is in trouble and I don’t know what to do

Monday, 13 October 2008

I have been married to my wife for 20 years. She was the love of my life. I built everything around her. We have a lovely home, lovely children and for the most part very happy. This summer I discovered a text message which led me over a period of 8 weeks to discover my wife has been having an affair for over 3 years. This year she started another affair with another man, which last only a brief period. She is now full of remorse, shame and promises of how she is going to change. She was told at marriage counseling that she is highly manipulative. Trust has gone from our relationship and I don’t know where to turn or what to do.

I need to tell my wife that I am not happy

Sunday, 12 October 2008

I have cheated on my wife 6 times with 8 different women. I feel terrible. Let me rephrase that, I would feel terrible if she found out. Fact of the matter is, I have finally stopped what I was doing to analyze why I was doing it, and all roads lead to "I am just not happy". I feel like a total jerk, especially since children are involved. The woman I am with is a good woman and I obviously do not deserve her. The toughest part is going to be telling her that this isn’t working without provoking investigation into the situation. If she found out what I have done, it would destroy her for the rest of her life. She truly believes that I am a good person, which for the most part I am, with the exception of my weakness for women. I know psychologically the reason for why I am the way I am, but to divulge it would be to identify me. There is someone out there for everyone, and I am sure in some corner of a room somewhere the woman with the strength to deal with my issues does exist... somewhere.

My affair has left me feeling confused

Sunday, 12 October 2008

I’ve cheated on my live in boyfriend of 5 years. My head has been (obviously) messed up this year for dealing with a terminal illness of my closest relative, and I’ve spun myself into a person I never knew I was. I love my boyfriend, but am unsure of how ‘in love’ I am with him. We have a home together, but if I am truly not happy in the relationship, I feel like I need to cut ties before I truly hurt him and he finds out. I see life in a new (albeit, selfish?) way since this last year, and I feel like I am growing into a person I do not know. The man that I had the affair with appears to be everything I’ve ever searched for—I can easily see myself spending a great deal of my life with him and having his kids, but I am trying hard not to cloud my judgment more than it already has been. He wants to move here and have a relationship with me, and I could... but I’ve worked so hard for so long on this love I already have.

I feel guilty about cheating on my husband

Wednesday, 08 October 2008

I cheated on my husband and I am wracked with guilt to the point of where I cannot function. I know my husband has cheated on me and he still goes on with life as usual. Why am I consumed with guilt while he lives guilt free?

My wife cheated with my best friend

Tuesday, 07 October 2008

I came home from a business trip and found out from a text message that my best friend has been sleeping with my wife for over a year. My wife denied it but my friend came clean right away. What do their different responses tell me? Can I save my marriage, we have been married for 7 years and have 2 kids. I feel empty inside.

I love cheating on my husband

Wednesday, 01 October 2008

I cheated on my husband. The first time I met a guy from the internet and I gave him oral sex. The second time I cheated was with two guys I met from the same website. I told my husband that he needed a night out with the guys but I only said that so I could meet these guys. After my husband left I invited them to my house and when they arrived I was naked. I knew I want them both. I gave both of them oral and then had sex with them both. I allowed one of them to give me oral. I then felt guilty after I reached climax and made them leave. I begged my husband to come home and had sex with him to try to forget what I did. The bad thing is I want to do it again. I love the idea of sneaking around and having sex with other men that my husband doesn’t know about. I’m planning to do it again soon. I think I’m addicted to sex with other men. It has gotten so bad that I think about other men when I’m with my husband. I try to stop but can’t. This is my secret.

Lying to my boyfriend about cheating

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

I have cheated on every relationship I have ever been in, with only one exception. I am so ashamed about my record. When a boyfriend asks have you cheated before, I always lie. I say " I have never cheated on any of my boyfriends". The worst part about it is I have no guilt about lying about it.

Cheating saved me from my relationship

Monday, 15 September 2008

I was engaged to be married. We were together for about two years. Slowly our relationship was falling apart piece by piece. The affection stopped, the kisses, hugs, him telling me I’m beautiful. After awhile I felt ugly, not good enough, and lonely. He then took a job two hours away from home, which of course made things worse. I was sitting home one night watching tv. My phone rang, it was a blast from the past. An old friend of mine moved back to town. He had disappeared for a few years. He wanted to see me and catch up. There was never any romantic relationship between us before. We were just good friends. The next night he came by, we were hanging out and it just happened. I couldn’t even tell you how. But It DID. The next day I called everything off with my fiance, and moved on just like that. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. My old friend gave me my mojo back. He was at the time, exactly what I needed. I needed someone to make me feel beautiful again. Make me feel like a woman, instead of a burden.

I cheated while my partner was pregnant

Thursday, 11 September 2008

I cheated on my partner while she was pregnant—I feel desperately guilty about it. She knows I’ve cheated (more than once) but I have never told her about this one time. I love her and my children so much, she is my best friend.

I cheated husband with my friend’s boyfriend

Sunday, 10 August 2008

I cheated on my husband with my closest friend’s boyfriend.
Her boyfriend pursued me for over 5 years. This year it got progressively worse and I would find him standing over me while I slept at hers (which was a common occurrence).
My marriage isn’t a happy marriage, but seems to be getting better.
Then the other day the boyfriend pushed me too far and we ended up (after hours of persuasion) having sex.
I feel dreadfully guilty. I can barely look at myself, her, husband or him.
Couldn’t ever tell as she adores him and my husband despises the boyfriend.
I thought at over 40 this would never happen.

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