Infidelity Secrets

Secrets about infidelity and cheating.

Cheated once and got her pregnant

Sunday, 7 February 2016

I made a horrible mistake whilst drunk and I cheated on my fiancée. We have a great relationship and I know I have jeopardized everything because of my infidelity. I was trying to but it behind me but the girl I slept with is now pregnant and swears that it's mine. I don't know what to do or where to turn. I'm in turmoil.

Sexting with a married man

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

I have been sexting with a guy, including sending pictures, for the last 3 weeks. We are both married. He is okay with having a relationship outside of his marriage but I am struggling with it. We live in different towns but he came in for lunch the other day, there was a lot of flirting and at the end he kissed me. I can’t stop thinking about the passion in that kiss. I know its wrong to keep talking to him, and I want to stop, but I can’t... he makes me feel so good about myself.

Cheating made me realize I love him

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

We have been together for a year and are now long distance. Right before I moved, I thought we were going to break up and knew it would be hard. To try and make it easier, I hooked up with someone else right beforehand, trying to remind myself that it was fun to get out there, and to give myself more reason to end it. In the couple minutes I was with the other person, I realized how completely in love I am with my significant other. We ended up staying together, largely because I realized what it was like to be without him. Telling him would kill him. We could probably work through it, but it would change everything and we are so happy together. It’s eating away at me but I know for a fact it will never happen again. I’m trying to learn to live with the guilt and be the best I can be so my love can continue to be blissfully happy.

Never divorced nor stopped seeing the other guy

Sunday, 3 January 2016

I started a relationship immediately after telling my husband that I wanted to separate/divorce. We never did get divorced and on and off throughout the relationship with the other person I said I wanted to get back together. My BF and I broke up and my husband and I planned to get back together only I didn’t end things with my BF completely and that has been on and off. Oh and my boyfriend thinks I did get divorced but I never did! Now for the past few months I have been trying to entertain them both, seeing my ex-BF and telling my husband we are getting back together. It’s awful and exhausting and I hate myself and I want out!

Cheated on my hubby

Friday, 4 December 2015

I cheated on my husband. I feel infinitely guilty about it.

Sleeping with my ex

Monday, 2 November 2015

I am having an affair with my married ex husband.

Cheating on my girlfriend helped me realize how much I love her

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Two months ago I cheated on my partner. We had a very difficult year in our relationship that had me considering on several occasions whether I ought to break up with her or not. Then I went away for three weeks and after a string if bad decisions I ended up with another girl. I regretted it instantly and hated myself for it. It did make me realize how much I loved my gf and how my life would be shattered without her. When I met up with her I could tell that our entire dynamic had changed. I was much more positive about our relationship and was willing to do anything to make it work. After a very stressful period of work in which I had a series of panic attacks and breakdowns, I find myself struck with a horrible sensation of guilt that I have done something to hurt her. We had one little argument and seeing her upset ripped my heart out. I am now shaken with incredible anxiety and fear about having cheated on her that one time and how much that would be painful to her.

Think my wife and I are cheating

Sunday, 30 August 2015

My wife found my links and cheating wife photos and stories on my computer. She was upset with me and insisted cheating was cheating and has no place in a proper relationship. However, I know she enjoys flirting with a friend of mine and occasionally with other men she has knows. She likes the attention.

For weeks she has continued to ask me about what she found on my computer. In addition to her objections she has noticed and teased me about the fact that I get very tuned on while she talks with me about all the things she has seen on my computer.

She has continued to object to the cheating aspect of it all. But, I started to notice she had been checking out my computer more often. I could tell by leaving my link history uncleared and when I came back things are often out of order. A few times she had left open her own finds about cheating wives and cuckold stories and videos, including one with the wife taking a lesbian lover.

A few weeks later, I think I discovered proof my wife had actually cheated on me with a friend of ours. We had planned dinner with him at our home when I got called away for work. When I arrived home much later that night, she had "accidentally" left her panties in the living room for me to discover after I got home late. I also found a wet spot in our bed when I joined her already sleeping. I think they know that I know. I got angry at first, then curious, and now I am constantly aroused by it, it’s the mental vision of her with him and the mystery and secrecy of not knowing it all. Lately, I have to work to avoid becoming hard when we are all together. They are becoming a little more obvious about it now, more openly flirting. I know, or at least I think I’m sure, she is becoming a secret slut for him.

She has also become increasingly close to a woman who is an open lesbian and a professor at a local private college. Her friend is an aggressive flirt with her, even and or especially in front of me; like the professor is showing off her influences she is having on my wife. They have spent several evenings out very late drinking wine and attending the theater staying out as late as three and four in the morning.

Right now she still insists that cheating is cheating.

Our relationship started out very honestly. I told her everything about my past. She also knows that all my previous girlfriends and my first wife cheated on me. She asked me to be very specific. So I told her every detail of my cheating girlfriends and wife, who was very openly seen with other men in bars and at private house parties with a tall, well built African American man who was a bass player in a very popular local jazz band. Lately she wants to know more and more about them and their cheating. She insists on me telling her all the details of how they accomplished their escapades. Every detail, including how I felt about it, which I think is obvious considering how turned on I get relating it all.

Last week while we were in a very nice restaurant at the bar when she asked me about my former girlfriends and ex wife. The bartender, a woman, was standing close enough that she could hear everything my wife said to me. Her conversation with me went into very intimate details I had related to her. Details that I had told her thinking no one else would ever hear. I tried to answer her questions very quietly but I noticed the bartender looking over the top of her glasses and stayed close enough to hear our discussions. Eventually my wife asked me if I would answer a question for her, mind you with the bartender still ever so close to hear her ask me. Finally she asked if I ever wondered if she was cheating too with any other men, or any of my friends, or even with that professor lesbian friend of hers.

I was shocked. I emphatically answered no. She then asked if I wanted her to be like them, and cheat too. I couldn’t speak for about a minute. I was stunned.

The bartender had now stopped any pretense of pretending not to listen and looked right at me leaned into the bar top waiting for me to answer. My wife just stared at me waiting for an answer. I was only saved only by the fact that we were called to our table. The bartender continued to stare at me and my wife leaned in close to hand her a tip. I don’t think they noticed that I saw their hands touch, and then held each other’s hands for a moment looking into each others eyes. Then I saw my wife give the bartender her business card as they both smiled longingly at each other.

We do have sex often, but I cannot get these images and notions out of my head. I think I need to let her take her time before letting me in on her secret life. Am I doing the right thing?

Sex with my friend’s husband

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

I had sex with a my friend and I’m married. On top of that he is my friend’s husband. I am not completely happy with my marriage and neither is he. We arenin love, but have shared secrets with another and have become confidants. But now it is over, and I’m upset about it coz I liked him a lot. He wanted to remain secret friends, but without the sex and it destroyed my ego, so I said we should stop the secret conversations and just go back to normal. I miss him. He probably doesneven care.

Cheating for a few months

Monday, 13 July 2015

I have been married for 5 years and I starting having an affair about 3 months ago with a coworker who is also married, which makes it better in a way because we both are in the same boat. Although I love my husband and I consider my marriage and family life a happy one, I donthink I am in love with him and I am not sexually satisfied. We are in our early 40’s and we both have busy schedules. My husband works a lot and he is always tired and does not have time for sex and when we do have sex is way to quick for my to enjoy. After years of suppressing these feelings I found what I needed without even looking for it. I felt extremely guilty at the beginning but I couldnstop the desire of keep seeing him. Sometimes I feel confused about my feelings but I know for a fact that I do not wish to leave my husband. He is a great husband and father; I just wish that our sex life was different.

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