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Use sex to feel validated

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

I am cheated on my alcoholic husband. I was really turned off him for years. But I stayed for the sake of our child. He is okay in bed but he doesn’t last long and always satisfies himself first and quickly than I would like. So I started seeing another man. Then another. Both were wild tigers in bed and made me laugh and engaged in stimulating conversation. Most of the time I felt like a nagging mom to my husband. And he is so self absorbed he would always put himself first. I used these two hot hook ups to escape my reality. The first hot hook up wanted more and I ended it as soon as he fell for me. The second hot hook up has lasted two years and still going on. I did leave my husband but now I miss him. He was always on the couch, someone to talk to about random stuff, occasionally we had dates but his drinking always killed it. Hot hook up number two is always there and is smart, engaging passionate and has a strong drive. I can’t ever admit this to myself but I am addicted to men and sex validating me. I know the right thing to so but I keep feeding my ego.

Seeing my old boyfriend

Wednesday, 07 August 2013

I’ve been having an affair with an old boyfriend. He was always "the one that got away" but he had married someone else and had a couple of kids, lived in another city--so he wasn’t on my mind, other than the occasional time he came here for a show (he’s a musician) and I saw him out—which hurt every time. He came back to my city, got a divorce and started calling me. It started out as just a happy hour—he kissed me at the end of the night and I told him no... but couldn’t stop thinking about him—the chemistry was the same as it was 15 years ago. My husband is the nicest guy on the planet and I feel horribly guilty, but this has made me realize that I never really had this level of passion with him. I am so confused and know the right thing to do would be to leave before entertaining anything with the boyfriend. I’ve been married for 9 years and when I am away from my husband I think of all the good times and all that we’ve built together, but the second we are actually together again I can’t help but see all of his faults. Ugh- horribly conflicted.

Cheated on my husband

Sunday, 23 June 2013

I cheated on my husband and we just got married. I feel horrible and I’m ashamed and not really even sure why It happened.

My infidelity caused so many problems

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Hello, I am a woman in my mid-forties. I was married to an angry man for over 18 years. We had 3 kids, so I stayed and tried to make it work. I reconnected with an old BF at a kid’s soccer game and began an affair within 7 months. It went on for about 2 years and then kind of fizzled out. My angry ex never knew about it. He would have gone ballistic if he had known. Around the same time I started up with my old BF, my ex got a huge promotion at work and started flirting with a particular woman. They began an emotional affair. He was blatant and non-apologetic about it. I had "shut him out" and he justified my actions by getting involved with this woman. While I never let my ex, or anyone else know about my affair, my ex held his EO out in front of me to make me upset. It worked. No matter how much I did not love my abusive husband, it hurt to know that he spent much time with the OW. My affair ended and I was okay. I decided to leave, but not before I started an online affair with a guy from elementary school. It was mostly sexual and he was not so nice after I got to know him. He is a swinger and wanted me to participate with his wife. I thankfully, did not participate, but did send some very sexually explicit images and messages to him that my angry ex later found. That foolish move of becoming dependent on another controlling man, lead to a very traumatic divorce. My vindictive ex basically stood on street corners and told everyone what I had done. I ended all contact with this old "friend", forgave myself and finally found a wonderful man. My advice to anyone out there is this: do not get involved in an affair. It’s wrong and it can hurt a lot of people. If that man or woman is in a rotten marriage, let them get out of it first, and then become involved. Same goes for a man living with a girlfriend. He’s only throwing you a bone and you’re worth more than that. There’s a practical reason not to cheat. It’s called litigation. Is that something you’re prepared for? Some wives get angry. Really angry. And they want revenge. Revenge can come in the form of public embarrassment or in a courtroom. I am lucky I was not the recipient of those things. I don’t ever want to hurt a man’s wife by being the other woman. It’s not worth it. I was not a better person for doing that. My old BF’s wife suspected him of having an affair, but I called from phone booths only so she never traced it to me. Still it was wrong and I take no pleasure knowing that I probably hurt her. He told me her faults of course, but overall she is a decent person deserving of a loving, faithful husband. I have no desire to ever do that again in my life.

Still think about the married man I loved

Wednesday, 01 May 2013

I fell in love with a married man. Even though I was married myself, my husband didn’t really seem interested in me and would put me down to anyone who would listen. But this man, he was so kind and warm. He was considerate and I loved him. He had five kids with his wife and I had two children as well but I longed for him. When I was with him I felt like everything was going to be ok. I would have done anything for him. But he passed away and I still dream of him with me.

Cheated and hate myself for doing so

Saturday, 20 April 2013

I had a 4 month affair that recently ended. The guilt, shame and self-loathing I feel is tremendous. That said, my spouse would be crushed so I need to keep this to myself. Telling would be to relieve the guilt I feel and would cause more harm than good.

Feelings of cheating are overcoming me

Tuesday, 09 April 2013

I met a man that I don’t even know. He emailed me some information and I emailed him back. There was something about his email that just struck me. I was running to my email to see if he replied. When he did, my heart began to beat fast. I started to fantasize about this man and I don’t even know him. I want to stop thinking about him. I believe in being faithful! I don’t want to ruin my family life and I want my children to know that cheating is wrong. So why do I want to tell this man how I feel and jump in bed with him??? I always tell my husband that if he cheats we are over! He replies that he holds me to the same standard. I reply, I hold myself to that standard. I just want these emotions to pass!

Learned my lesson by cheating

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

I cheated on my husband twice with the same guy. I was lonely and just wanted some physical attention. I felt nothing for the guy, only a 2 time fling. I love my husband more now because of the horrible mistake I made, but I cant stop thinking about it. I cant stop thinking that I am unworthy of my husband. He would never do anything to hurt me and hes crazy about me. He works out of state so we only get to see each other occasionally. I promised myself I would never cheat again and I know I wont. I’ve learned my lesson and I think if I confessed to him it would do more harm than good as he would be very hurt. I’m just trying to move on and forget about it. Its been a year and a half now and will hopefully keep getting further, and further away.

Cheating on our anniversary

Tuesday, 08 January 2013

While on a vacation for our anniversary I cheated on my partner with some one I had just met. I was selfish ignorant and just plain stupid. Every time I think about it I am consumed and overwhelmed with remorse shame and anger towards myself. Please forgive me for what I have done. I now see what an important part of my life you are and I am going to do whatever it takes to be the person you deserve to be with! Please know that I am not angry with you for your indiscretions but angry with myself for being so shallow and selfish.

Cheating on my husband and I love it

Thursday, 20 December 2012

I’ve cheated on my husband 2 days ago but I feel more satisfied with the other person, he makes me feel like a queen. He has been so kind and caring, we’ve been secretly seeing each other for a few times, talked on the phone and what not. I have 2 beautiful children and he has 2 children with his current girlfriend and she is my cousin, last night when he was visiting us I just wanted to jump on him and tell him to make love with me. We secretly eye each other blow kisses here and there. I am hoping these feelings will not fade in time but possibly will. I don’t want to feel guilty about what I did, so I will be leaving my husband once the time is right or until we get caught :) I am falling for the other guy he also said he has been thinking of me. I think we are perfect for each other he is handsome, kind, caring, awesome great in bed. He satisfies me more then my husband does.... I gave him a nice blow job and he blanked me so hard I had 3 orgasms with just that sex.

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