Forbidden Love Secrets

I’m in love with someone I should be.

The other woman

Monday, 27 March 2006

I have been with a married man for well over 10 years and the wife will not admit to it! He has purchased my last two cars and although he is currently remodeling his house with his wife, he continues to provide for me. But, lately I want her to react!

Sex with friend’s boyfriend

Monday, 13 February 2006

I was sleeping with my best friend’s boyfriend for over a year.

College boyfriend

Sunday, 22 January 2006

I day dream about an old college boyfriend and I really want to have an one night stand with him in a romatic place. He knows I still love him, but we respect each other’s spouse. He has never told me that he loves me but I can feel it and I have crazy dreams about him and I always endeing up seeing him in the oddiest places. I never say anything I just act like I do not see him.

Love friend

Saturday, 26 November 2005

Well I have a guy best friend and we are supposed to be only best friends but I have boyfriend and we are supposed to get married in December. But my guy best friend and me are falling in love with each other. Well I am. And he calls me honey. He treats me better than my boyfriend because my boyfriend ignores me. When me and my guy best friend are online he responds to my every question or comment right away. Why cant my boyfriend treat me like this.thanks.

In Love with Married Man

Tuesday, 22 November 2005

I am married and in love with another married man!

My secret love

Thursday, 10 November 2005

I, being a woman, am in love with another woman.

More than one

Thursday, 10 November 2005

i am in love with 2 people at the same time

In love with my cousin

Thursday, 20 October 2005

I have been in my marriage for thirty years. Have two grown-up kids. I was kind of forced into this marriage by my parents when I was just 18 yrs. It was never so lovey-dovey with him, but since last 5-6 years, coz of lot of financial troubles, we are drifting apart.

At this time, last year, I met my first cousin, who I was close as a young girl, and he is ten years my senior. There was not much interaction between us, since he had married a lady from different country and settled there for last 35 years. He also probably had lot of tension in his marriage, and being highly intellectual, his wife was not compatible. He also has two grown up kids.

After we met last year, first we came close by just going for dinner, only two of us, and then a sexual affair started between us. We are deeply in love with each other. Coming from a common background, we understand each other perfectly, and feel like we can’t live without each other.

But, it’s very hard for both of us, to leave our current spouses and live together for many reasons. This affair gives lot of happiness to us, and also lot of pain.

Love my Wifes Friend

Thursday, 20 October 2005

I have been married over twenty years. I am in love with my wife’s younger married friend. I know the exact date and time of September evening I fell in love with her five years ago. She knows how I feel about her; she must! I can sense it in her embrace and her kiss each time we get together which is every few weeks. We two couples have spent vacations together, gone to parties and each others houses. She is a professional, a manager, travels and is a highly paid executive in an established corporation. Athletic and pretty, she is also extremely committed to her marriage to the point of distraction. Once she had decided to marry there was no turning from that partnership.

At a point in her life when she was seeking a promotion and admitted to me she wasn’t sure of her chances I told her I thought she was attractive, bright, intelligent, witty, quick, and positively driven like no Type -A female personality I’ve ever met. There was no way in the world her corporation would not promote her. My spontaneous feelings came as a show of support and encouragement. They were words I’d said to her before. Through her own education and hard work, of course, she won the position. I admitted then to her that "I was one of her biggest fans". She told my wife of all the nice things I had said to her to give her confidence to which my wife took exception. My wife didn’t understand why I was so interested. But I explained we were all friends. "Well, when were you talking about this stuff?" And I realized I was involved with another woman’s life a lot more than my wife would have liked. "Emails" I said. "Yes but why are you emailing her?" My wife can probably sense an attraction although I am as breezy and nonchalant about it each time her friend’s name comes up, yet she will bristle if I mention her.

What do I say to that? Do I say: Because, dear, every time your friend writes to me I am excited about it? That I anticipate her every message to me? That I cant wait to see her and love talking to her? NO, my friends: this is the part when you lie.

And lying is OK because this love can never be more for me than what it is: a silent, suffering and unrequited longing. My heart may ache for her when we are apart, but I will never take action. She may be in my thoughts every day, but I will just have to carry that in my heart. And when I am surprised in the morning by a dream of her that night, I can never share that with her. But I will carry the memory of it with me like a treasure. I cherish her more than anyone can ever know.

There is something about me she is drawn to that I don’t question. When we say hello or goodbye she holds me longer than she should. Her embrace is sensual and lingering. Sometimes she will rush me with a surprise kiss always when I least expect it almost to let me know she is still there. I can’t keep from looking into her eyes when we talk and I will find ANYTHING to talk about as long as it will keep us close. I kiss her back better than I should. When I have been near her I am not the same for weeks afterwards. I email her too much and she responds probably more than she should. She calls looking for my wife and if I answer I find so much to talk about with her before I surrender the phone. I can hear her voice nervous almost trembling sometimes when she talks to me yet I can tell she doesn’t want our voices to separate either. My wife’s friend is closer to me than she.

God help me if this wonderful creature ever put herself in my embrace for good to tell me she was mine at long last. What pure bliss it would be.

This is the paradox of relationships, commitment, honesty and fidelity. This harbored desire; this want is layered in a staircase towards some imagined pure exalted temple of love and passion. To those trusting hearts left on the rocks: this hellish deceit is the epitome of trust blindly given and a mockery.

Love husband plus

Thursday, 20 October 2005

I have been married for 20 yrs and love my husband. I got into a relationship with a man 10 yrs younger five years ago and now I love them both. I can’t leave my husband; I don’t have the heart to. And I love the other person like crazy!!

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