Forbidden Love Secrets

I’m in love with someone I should be.

Love my boss

Saturday, 14 May 2016

I’m in love with my boss, however, I am married with 2 teenage daughters. She is divorced with grown kids. I always admired her and liked her since I started working at the store. For the first months, it was just a thought of how we got along and how I thought she was attractive. I really fell for her all of a sudden in February, Superbowl Sunday. I was having a rough day at work and she talked to me about it. I felt a connection that I never felt before with anyone. I said to myself, "She understands me". Ever since then, I would find myself always thinking about her, and getting jealous if she was talking to someone else. A couple weeks ago, I accepted a job somewhere else and that’s when the flood of emotions hit me. I was really going to miss her, and did I make the right decision? I think I did because it probably wouldn’t be good to have an affair at work. She said she would miss me, because I do the job very well, but some texts that she sent me last week were very flirty. She texted stuff like how she felt lonely when I wasn’t there, how secure she felt when I was there doing the job. I could take this as strictly professional, I guess, but I don’t. My heart soared after she texted me that. She even initiated texts asking if my family and I were ok after the storm. However, over the last couple days, she doesn’t text me anymore. I think she may have realized she was being too flirty and is backing off. It hurts, my heart, the pain is real. I try to hide it, and I think I’m doing a good job. I just hope after I leave and go to the other job, the pain will subside. I love her so much.

Same-Sex Sex

Wednesday, 20 April 2015

I have sex with other men and cantell anyone, not even my girlfriend.

My experience with a married man

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

I feel bad. I was with an ex boyfriend who is married a few days ago. While we were together she called a few times. Each time, he answered the phone while I stayed quiet in the background. I noticed he was very nonchalant and composed. The last time she called, she used Facetime. He got nervous and threw on some clothes and ran outside. The reason why he ran outside was because we were in a location very close to his job. So once he was outside, he called her back on Facetime and it looked like he was at work like she thought. What she didnknow is that he took the night off. Ugh. I feel terrible. I always had feelings for him after our breakup (which is another long regrettable story in itself). We kept communicating over the years and occasionally saw each other. I didnrealize until recently that he even had children with her. All the time we were communicating, he never mentioned she was pregnant or when the two were born. I donlike her very much but I feel terrible for what I’ve done behind her back. I do not want her to ever find out and so I will no longer communicate with him nor see him. This entire situation has helped put things into perspective for me about the type of person that he is and the type of person I do not want to ever be again. I hope I can forgive myself for this because I feel pretty bad about it. In fact, I am finding that I feel disgusted for having feelings for him at all. I guess I was surprised at the level of deception that he is capable of and it really bothered me. It made me wonder if everything I have been told over the last few months is a complete lie. He said he was unhappy and staying for the children. He said he loved me and was no longer in love with her or sleeping in the same bed with her. After listening to him speak to her, I realized what an idiot I’ve been. Why I couldnI see that if he is capable of lying to someone he sees every single day and night that he wouldnthink twice about lying to me?? After all, I am not the mother of his children nor his wife. I am the lucky one that got away. Now, I will STAY away!!!

I’m in love with my boss

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

I’m in love with my boss. If we met under different circumstances, I would have dated him in a heart beat. He is married and has a child which is the reason I would never do anything to hurt him or his family. Therefor, I am distant.

We no longer work directly with each other, so keeping the distance is easy, but the few times we have interacted, I can feel the energy and chemistry between us. I has given me special treatment that I have not seen him give to my co-workers. He has never been inappropriate. He has never sexually-harassed me, which I am thankful for. I would not know what to do.

I feel silly even thinking about this, but I hold a candle for him in my heart even if I can never be with him. My love for him belongs to me and will endure for years to come. My feelings run deep in my heart. If (this is a big if) he ever becomes single and I am single, I hope he comes to me. I feel like a foolish school girl saying this, but it’s the truth. I love him completely and will suffer for it because I can never express it.

Emotional affair of the heart with my boss

Monday, 3 October 2014

I have been married for 24 years. My husband has always expected me to be very traditional and domestic. Yet I work long hours and provide the greater portion of the family income and all of the benefits. He has always worked, but his jobs did not provide much, and were without benefits. During our brief time off, he never wanted to do anything together,and his family (mother, father, and sibs) provided most of his social life. Work has been my primary social connection. And I have become very attached to my Boss. He too is married about the same amount of years. We are both introverted type personalities. There was much upheaval in our department, and I basically took sides with him during a difficult transition, I not only gave him my loyalty, but my heart I fear. We have spent so much time together in the past 2 years, and I am his confidant. He is a different person around me than how he interacts with my co-workers, we laugh and enjoy each others company. I think about him all the time, and I know he feels the same. We never discuss our feelings for each other openly as we cant, work policy dictates we would both be fired, I’m sure there are many looking on with suspicion as he spends so much time with me, we sit side by side in meetings, and our body language has to be apparent. There are no emails texts or phone calls other than business, only us talking together, we have hugged, and I have given him rides home on occasion. we are together as much as we can be most days, he comes to see me first thing each morning, and always to say good bye. It is an emotional affair of the heart. He makes me feel alive and appreciated and I make him feel the same.

Crush on my professor

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

I have a crush on my professor. I find him extremely handsome, smart, funny, and intelligent. We spend a lot of him together because I am a master student and doing my graduate project with him. He is probably close to 20 years my senior (in his early 40s), married, and have kids. I have dirty thoughts about him all the time. When I am around him, all I can think about is us banging each other because we are always alone in the same room. Of course, I will NEVER act on my feelings because he is married! I just feel so wrong for even having feelings in the first place.

In love with a priest

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

I had sex many years ago with a Parish Priest who was also a good friend of my husbands. I waited over 35 years to confess. Now I’m in an emotional affair with the same man. How should I tell my spouse?

Want my coworker

Sunday, 31 August 2014

I have a young, hot assistant manager. I really, really REALLY want to bang him. He’s highly entertaining and mischievous, and something tells me he can go for hours. Maybe that’s true, or maybe I think that because I can’t stop fantasizing about him. Whatever the case, I want to find out. With the way he treats me, plus body language, I think he’s interested too.

In love with a married man

Saturday, 23 August 2014

I’ve been having an emotional affair for 6 months. Recently, he kissed me and it felt great. The electricity between our tongues exploded a deep desire I have for him. He’s all I can think about. Did I mention he’s married and I am in a long term relationship? He’s 13 years my senior, & yes we work together. I know I should end this, but I can’t stop, I want more and more and more...

In love with my professor

Saturday, 23 August 2014

I want this professor so bad I can taste it. He is a genius and if excites me so much. I wish he wasn’t married. I get wet thinking about him and how intelligent and amazing he is. I see him Gazing at me but maybe it’s just his game.

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