Challenge Yourself – How Often Do You Lie?

If you want to see how common lying and deception is in your own life, try paying close attention to your behavior during the next couple of days.

After every conversation ask yourself the following questions:

  • Was I honest?
  • Did the other person truly understand what I was thinking?
  • Was I clear, direct, and to the point?
  • Did my behavior reveal or conceal what I believed to be true?

It can be very uncomfortable to focus on your own deceptive behavior, but it is also informative and revealing. When you discover that you’ve mislead someone—ask yourself “Why?”

Or better yet, think about what might have happened had you been completely candid. Asking such questions often reveals the true motivation behind our behavior.

Often, people lie because they want to avoid the consequences that result from telling the truth (see pros and cons of lying).

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