Cheating Spouse – Computer Monitoring Software

Computer Monitoring Software and some keylogger devices allow you to monitor a spouse’s online activities. Cheating spouses often rely on instant messaging, email, and social network sites to keep in touch with a lover. Even the ex-director of the CIA, General David Petraeus, used a shared gmail account to keep in contact with his mistress.

Computer Monitoring Software can be installed on a computer and used to track a spouse’s online activities. The best software systems include features that capture usernames and passwords, screenshots, instant messaging and chat sessions, and records of online searches and websites visited. The best software records all online activity in the background (in stealth mode).

Some software packages allow you to be notified by alerts, review playbacks, search recorded activity, and monitor your spouse’s behavior in real time via a remote computer.

It is important to note that installing monitoring software on a computer which you do not own in order to monitor a spouse without his or her awareness may be illegal, depending on where you reside (see surveillance issues).

WebWatcher, Spector Pro, SpyAgent, PC Pandora, eBlaster are among the top rated computer monitoring programs.

Most software-monitoring programs provide a free trial period and can be easily purchased and downloaded online.

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