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My brother stole from the family

Monday, 16 January 2017
Relationship Issues

My brother borrowed $5,000 from our father and never paid it back although he was asked to do so. Our father passed away, I was executor of the estate, said brother never mentioned a word about the money he had borrowed. I gave our other sibling an extra $5,000 lump sum out of the estate to make up for what our brother had already received.

When cleaning out the house we came upon a large jar of money, about $500. Said brother volunteered to take it to the bank, have it counted, then split it between the siblings two months ago. No one received anything.

I am disgusted with my brother’s dishonesty and it is hard for me to interact with him knowing he is a liar and a cheat.

Stereotypical affair and accompanying guilt

Monday, 16 January 2017

I’m in my forties and have been with my wife for 16 years. We’ve had lots of ups and downs in that time but have stuck it out and stayed together. Several years ago I started paying for sex (massages with more); although I was initially wracked with severe guilt from these excursions, I got over it and its now a regular habit (few times per month). I am not proud of this and wish I could quit. This past fall my wife and I moved across the country but she moved out three months before me. While staying alone in our old city, I started an emotional online affair with a recently divorced local woman. After two months of that, with my cross-country move just two weeks away, I initiated meeting this woman in person. After meeting discretely in public after work for two nights in a row, we quickly found ourselves in her bedroom every day with me making excuses to friends and family that I was busy "run errands" before moving away. In addition to being emotionally attached to her including texting her all day, I then became physically attached. Now I am in the new city with my family and I’m severely shocked at my lapse in judgment and how I could do this to my family. My wife doesn’t know about this but she can sense my deep depression and anxiety, which I try pass off as being culture shock from moving across country and the stress of a new job. But I am now a wreck. I started reading these affair self-help websites and am shocked at just how textbook my affair is and how typical my feelings about it are. I now doubt all the strong feelings I have for the other woman and realize they are part of the alluring fantasy but just that—a fantasy not reality. It was a real eye opener and I wish I had read support websites before going down the affair path. That convinced me to cancel my plans to continue the online part of the affair and my plans for clandestine hookups with her when traveling back to old city this spring. Over text I explained my severe guilt and remorse to her for the first few days and she understood. Two days ago I told her we had to end it all and she was upset but understanding. Now, I have deleted everything about her from my computer (photos, texts, music) and feel overall good about it, but I miss her badly and am struggling to move on. I know each day without contacting her is a small victory in a larger battle and I look forward to getting on to healing myself and my relationship with my wife.

Spiritual guide deceived me

Monday, 16 January 2017
Made a Mistake

A so-called spiritual woman deceived me for over 20 years. It is only by the grace of God that I finally got out of her control. She does not see her evil ways but I have been able to let the secret out to my counselor. I have no reason to harm myself more by shouting it from the rooftop but I would really like to attempt to destroy her. Exposing her to the town for what she really is would be revenge and I will leave it to God to deal with her. Dealing with God’s judgment is going to be a lot worse than mine could ever be.

Broke up with my lying, cheating boyfriend

Monday, 16 January 2017
Relationship Issues

I just broke up with my compulsive liar boyfriend. He was a serial cheater and anytime I suspected it. He would say I was acting crazy. He never had money because I was doing OK. A week ago I found out he was dating a girl from my neighbor and I confronted him. He denied but I didn’t believe him. I spoke to her and she was gushing about how they are dating. It broke my heart he told her we were just friends. I confronted him and broke up with him. After 3 years he is still a liar.

Jealousy is my master

Monday, 16 January 2017
Snooping and Spying

Snooping and spying

When you take his phone, search it for hours.
When you check under the bed, in the closets.
Deep down to the basement and back to main level.
When you rip apart his car, and go through all his sweater pockets.
And you have searched everywhere in you’re power to try to catch him in a lie....

I guess that puts a rest on a restless mind, or does it....

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