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Cheated once and got her pregnant

Sunday, 7 February 2016

I made a horrible mistake whilst drunk and I cheated on my fiancée. We have a great relationship and I know I have jeopardized everything because of my infidelity. I was trying to but it behind me but the girl I slept with is now pregnant and swears that it’s mine. I don’t know what to do or where to turn. I’m in turmoil.

Sexting with a married man

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

I have been sexting with a guy, including sending pictures, for the last 3 weeks. We are both married. He is okay with having a relationship outside of his marriage but I am struggling with it. We live in different towns but he came in for lunch the other day, there was a lot of flirting and at the end he kissed me. I can’t stop thinking about the passion in that kiss. I know its wrong to keep talking to him, and I want to stop, but I can’t... he makes me feel so good about myself.

Cheating made me realize I love him

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

We have been together for a year and are now long distance. Right before I moved, I thought we were going to break up and knew it would be hard. To try and make it easier, I hooked up with someone else right beforehand, trying to remind myself that it was fun to get out there, and to give myself more reason to end it. In the couple minutes I was with the other person, I realized how completely in love I am with my significant other. We ended up staying together, largely because I realized what it was like to be without him. Telling him would kill him. We could probably work through it, but it would change everything and we are so happy together. It’s eating away at me but I know for a fact it will never happen again. I’m trying to learn to live with the guilt and be the best I can be so my love can continue to be blissfully happy.

Thinking about participating in some revenge cheating

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

One of my coworkers recently admitted to a friend that he found out his wife cheated on him. While I’m not sure if this was in past or if it’s ongoing, it’s becoming apparent he wants to get back at her by cheating as well, or is at least toying with the idea.

I’m not sure when or how this started, but after months of working together in a cramped kitchen (we’re both line cooks in a semi-upscale restaurant) I basically woke up one day and found—I’m really, really attracted to him. Not emotionally or romantically, but everything about him pronounces lust and carnality and I’m being drawn in. He constantly finds ways to make fun of me while also making innuendos, checking me out and sure there’s not a lot of room in the kitchen but he ALWAYS winds up in my personal space (and vice versa).

The other day he basically told me he’d do me and later on pretty much got me to admit the same, then apparently went behind my back to other coworkers for whether or not I have a boyfriend (I don’t).

I know it’s wrong and forbidden, even if fidelity is responsibility of the individuals, but deep down I know I want it. I can’t talk about it with most of my friends, but it’s constantly on my mind because I am dead-in-the-water hot for him, and now he knows it. I would not directly facilitate, but if he’s serious on retaliating against his wife and I’m his target, I’m sure as hell not going to do a thing to stop him.

I snooped on my partner and am having trouble dealing with my feelings

Sunday, 17 January 2016
Snooping and Spying

I snooped in my partners email and discovered that he had had a relationship with an ex-neighbor prior to meeting me. He had kept this from me, even though we had spoken about previous relationships. When I next had an opportunity I took to snooping on his mobile phone and discovered texts between them. It was obvious he still had feelings for her; he told her he still ‘fancied the pants off her’ and had to put any idea of a relationship with her out of his head, all whilst having a loving relationship with me. It was also clear that he had been and had coffee at hers. He hadn’t told me any of this and he had recently done some work at her house (he’s a builder). I asked him about her without letting on how I had rumbled him. He admitted that they had had a short fling and I felt sick, like I’d been betrayed in some way. He tried to reassure me there was nothing there now, all dead and buried, however, I still can’t help myself snooping; his email, mobile phone and even his itemized mobile phone bills to see the contact between them. I’ve stopped snooping his mobile phone but still snoop his email and bills; never found any more emails but there has been some texts. I can’t seem to stop myself, even though I understand I’m also betraying him and his privacy. I know they do remain friends, he said he would still speak to her. I don’t feel she is particularly interested in him romantically. He’s doing more work at her house next week and was honest about that work being planned. Next week will be hard for me, I’ll be constantly fearful and worrying that something is going on. I don’t like the fact that I snoop, I’m trying so hard not do it and focus on all the positive, lovely things that we have in our relationship.

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