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Sex with my friend’s husband

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

I had sex with a my friend and I’m married. On top of that he is my friend’s husband. I am not completely happy with my marriage and neither is he. We aren’t in love, but have shared secrets with another and have become confidants. But now it is over, and I’m upset about it coz I liked him a lot. He wanted to remain secret friends, but without the sex and it destroyed my ego, so I said we should stop the secret conversations and just go back to normal. I miss him. He probably doesn’t even care.

Cheating for a few months

Monday, 13 July 2015

I have been married for 5 years and I starting having an affair about 3 months ago with a coworker who is also married, which makes it better in a way because we both are in the same boat. Although I love my husband and I consider my marriage and family life a happy one, I don’t think I am in love with him and I am not sexually satisfied. We are in our early 40’s and we both have busy schedules. My husband works a lot and he is always tired and does not have time for sex and when we do have sex is way to quick for my to enjoy. After years of suppressing these feelings I found what I needed without even looking for it. I felt extremely guilty at the beginning but I couldn’t stop the desire of keep seeing him. Sometimes I feel confused about my feelings but I know for a fact that I do not wish to leave my husband. He is a great husband and father; I just wish that our sex life was different.

Cheating on my husband and don’t want to lose the other man

Saturday, 11 July 2015

I am seeing another guy. I am married. I cannot deal with any of the drama that will ensue if I told my husband that there is somebody else. I have cheated before. I feel sexually dissatisfied in our relationship. I have also caught him communicating to an ex GF before as well as letters they have written each other. This brought me back again to cheat. I wish I could tell him that I view our relationship now as "just friends"... but I really cant deal with what will happen next. I feel he uses his drama (has threatened physical harm on his self before during an argument). I’m tired of cheating but I genuinely like the guy I am seeing now and don’t want to lose him.

My insecurity got the best of me

Monday, 1 June 2015
Made a Mistake

I was so desperate for attention that I sent nudes to one guy and then I began sexting another guy I knew. Nothing ever happened but I still get anxious about it. I am happy and safe in a new relationship, but I still feel guilty about what I did.

Told boyfriend I was a virgin

Tuesday, 26 April 2015
Relationship Issues

I told my boyfriend I was a virgin because when I first had sex I was only 15 going on 16. I didn’t know what I was doing and I didn’t feel any love from the guy and he didn’t pop my cherry! I feel as if my boyfriend already knows but he just wants me to say it! I love him, I really do but sometimes this just eats away at me all the time.

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