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A secret so big I still can’t tell

Tuesday, 26 April 2015
Relationship Issues

About ten years ago, I left a situation before my time was done. You could call it dropping out. I felt like a failure and was ashamed, so to keep people from asking about it I lied about it. Only a few people know the truth. Over time, it became more comfortable to tell the lie than admit the truth and open the wound. It became reaction whenever asked, and it made me feel better. My partner was one of those people when we first met. She was in another relationship so I didn’t see the harm in it, and at the time it was inconceivable that we’d be together. And I would actually forget about what I’d said. Now, years later, we have a child, and I can’t escape the guilt. It weighs on me. For the truth to come out would maybe mean affecting our kid. I keep thinking, “What have I done to this poor thing?” I haven’t said anything yet, and know I need to. It’s killing me.

Same-Sex Sex

Wednesday, 20 April 2015
Forbidden Love

I have sex with other men and can’t tell anyone, not even my girlfriend.

Catfished an innocent person

Monday, 11 May 2015
Lie a Lot

Hi, I’ve been living a lie to someone I care about almost 2 full yrs.... I am a girl who pretends to be a guy on online games because I am attractive to girls but don’t have any luck getting one as being myself... Then I met someone over Facebook, we talked and talked then when I asked for her number we started talking on the phone a lot... I deepen my voice to sound like a guy… I used another guy’s pic to cover up... We ended building a relationship and it made me Happy. Other time we would be fighting or I make her unhappy from dumb stuff I would say. I broke up with her twice to get out of it... But could never say goodbye or not worry about her cause I really did fall in love with her... But the way I did wasn’t the best and she isn’t really mine... I regret every lie I told her and hurt her.. But apart of me is glad that I did most these things...

But since its killing mi to lie and she to be questioning about who I am, I faked my death. And Now she’s in more pain.. I pray to God now and then and ask him to heal and help her.. Causes has done nothing wrong and she doesn’t deserve that.. I do. All the punishment, her love to me didn’t go in vain I hope. One day will stop hurting... Or I’ll be able to say the truth one day.. Till then.. I’ll be crying and missing her every second that passes for not hearing her voice or hearing "I love you too"

My wife is clever when it to cheating

Sunday, 26 April 2015

My wife told me she wanted an open marriage or a divorce. I said divorce, then two days later said that open marriage was okay with me. She told me she’d already had sex with someone else. A handsomer, more fit, more well-endowed version of me. She went to have sex with someone else and came home crying, saying she’d made a mistake and she only wanted me.

Three months later, I snooped in her phone and discovered texts and emails from at least 5 other guys. Turns out she’d been cheating on business trips and while she was allegedly out with her girlfriends -- while I was sitting at home babysitting our daughter.

I believe she’s stopped cheating for the present. But I no longer trust her. Her sex drive has gone to zero now and I’m afraid that when it bounces back, she’ll start cheating again. I haven’t confronted her about it because I’m afraid it will end our marriage.

This makes me feel emasculated and worthless. I think she’ll cheat again and I don’t know what to do about it.

Cheated right before our wedding

Sunday, 26 April 2015

I cheated on my fiancée on my stag do, I cannot describe how awful I feel, I have never even looked at another women in 10 years of being with her, it is eating me up but I know it will destroy her if I told her.

I cannot tell you why I did it, but I will forever question my moral compass, because I have let myself down but even more so my fiancée.

If anything ‘good’ (If I can use that word) has come out of what I did, it has hurt me so much and questioned my own morals in life that I will never ever ever do it again, ever.

And it has reminded me how much I really do love her, as contradicting as that sounds. I canchange what I did, by god I wish I could, but I can learn a very valuable lesson from it that will serve me well in our married life and that’s anytime temptation is put in front of me again I will remember how awful I feel/felt writing this.

I will never forgive myself for what I did, and I hope one day I can draw a line under it in my life, but for now it is eating me up.

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