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Still lying to my girlfriend about my sexual history

Tuesday, 3 March 2015
Lie A Lot

I have lied to my girlfriend about my past sexual experiences. I tried to come clean and only partially came clean. I told her about some of the women I’ve been with, hid some of the others I’ve been with, and also told her that I’ve been with a person I’ve never been with because I told her at the beginning of our relationship I had been, because I studied with her on a daily basis and didnwant her to feel like I’d have any interest in her/my friends all thought I had been with her and I was too embarrassed to deny it.

She’s angry because I hid it from her and I’m guilty because she’s angry and I’m still hiding the some of the truth.

Cannot forgive my husband

Sunday, 22 February 2015
Relationship Issues

I (38, F) am overcome with anxiety and depression because my husband (41, M) of 16 years will not be completely honest with me. I have discovered numerous "white lies" over things that did not seem to be worth lying over...some he knows I know, and some he does not. He makes excuses and rarely just says, "You’re right. I’m sorry. That was stupid." His dishonesty and his lack of "owning it" has created a huge breakdown in our ability to communicate honestly, and in my ability to trust him.

We have been together for 16 years, and in the beginning of our relationship, I thought we were the perfect couple—honest, open-minded, faithful, and deeply in love. Now, he has no trust for sharing things with me because I become so anxious over some of the more "deep" confessions...but my anxiety is high because he has lied about so many stupid things that when he is sharing something more substantial, I canhelp but think..."maybe this is a lie too" because how could he share something deep when he canbe honest about the mundane?

Recently, over one of the incidents, we tried to "restart" our marriage, promising that we would do EVERYTHING in our powers to make it work, to be honest and open again, to do all of the things that would move us forward, to leave the past in the past...he insisted I could look through his phone, his email, and he would have nothing to hide. We had two days of pure BLISS, the most wonderful two days we have spent in 10 years—where he shared things he has never told me, and I shared things I have never told anyone; then he began acting distant again, hiding his cell phone, taking it to the bathroom every time he went, etc.

When I asked him about it, he said that he just didnthink he needed to share EVERYTHING with me, and that I needed to just trust him. His reversion to the past only served to literally break my heart because I really believed he was going to change, and I began to believe that those two days of happiness were just a mirage built on more lies. I was so ready to start again, to be a better person, to be more open-minded, to really let go of the stupid stuff we have done and said in the past and make our relationship what it once was, and the best it could ever be.

Now, we have tried to repair some of the LAST incident (the most recent one to which I just referred) but I have lost faith in him, hope in our relationship, and I do not see how I can ever forgive him for making me feel as if I am NOT worth his time or that the possibility of having some discomfort in being honest with me is not worth it. I keep trying to forgive. (I have read literally 30-50 articles about forgiveness, moving on, building better relationships, etc. at this point.) I just canseem to let it go and move forward. I love this man SO much and want nothing more than to resolve this and move forward with the best attitude, but I donknow how, and I worry that maybe I am not being honest with myself; maybe I canforgive him.

How do I get past this???

Sick of his lies

Thursday, 12 February 2015
Relationship Issues

I read these posts and honestly some of them sound like me talking. I too have been engaged for years. My first ring I found out later was based on a lie because he was scared to lose me. The second ring he put on layaway and never made a payment. Here we are almost six years later and all we do is talk about planning a wedding. I think the talk of it is good enough for him because it fits the lying tongue in him. He lies about everything even when everything is on the line-his job, his relationship and his finances. I just really do not understand how a person can lie so much but expect so much love in return. He now has me as well as another young lady both trying to be who we are in his life but for what reason because he respects no one’s feelings and no ones heart but himself. I used to be a spiteful person and learned from my ways when I was younger. The lies in him have ignited the old me but I still feel that it is wrong to pay a person back for their wrong. What I will not do is keep lying and smiling to people to cover up for the issues in our relationship. The sad thing is that the other lady is so much in the dark about his and my status until it is unreal. Everyone has told her what the real situation is but her lust is so strong and her need to want A man until she will pretty much except whatever he offers her. I know it’s time for me to move on and stop dealing with someone who could care less about my heart and find someone who knows and loves what is inside of me. Life is too short to deal with lying, cheating people. Would a man want someone to do his daughter that way... ask him that and he says no but keeps doing the same thing. I hope he has keys to that apartment of hers.... no wait I do!

I’m a straight man who has had sex with other men

Monday, 5 January 2015
Relationship Issues

I have had two sexual relations with men... they were entirely sexual release and I am not emotionally as well as physically attracted to men.

I regret cheating on my husband

Sunday, 8 February 2015

I cheated on my partner. I promised him always I would never do it. I fought against it for ages and eventually got worn down and submitted. I know now why, but it doesnhelp and I shouldnhave done it. Although he left his wife 7 years ago for me, he hasngot divorced. Still does loads of jobs for her and promised one day we would marry but still after all this time we are no further forward. He bought me an angst enemy ring a year ago but I had to pretend it wasn’t. He sometimes just expects me to cook of do things and he just sits and watches tv! Hence no excuse but I ended up cheating and I’m so sorry

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