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Crush on my professor

Wednesday, 8 October 2014
Forbidden Love

I have a crush on my professor. I find him extremely handsome, smart, funny, and intelligent. We spend a lot of him together because I am a master student and doing my graduate project with him. He is probably close to 20 years my senior (in his early 40s), married, and have kids. I have dirty thoughts about him all the time. When I am around him, all I can think about is us banging each other because we are always alone in the same room. Of course, I will NEVER act on my feelings because he is married! I just feel so wrong for even having feelings in the first place.

I cheated on my "possibly" gay husband

Monday, 6 October 2014

I had sex with my coworker. We started texting just as friends. The texting became more frequent and stated to become slightly perverse. Then he sent me a few underwear pics. I followed suit by sending a few back. We met up a few times and only kissed. We finally arranged to meet up one afternoon and we has sex- once. I feel terrible. I want to tell my husband but I’m scared of the end result. 3 years ago I busted my husband watching gay porn. He admitted that he was bisexual and was interested in men. He swore he never had any make encounters but I found some old emails that he sent to an anonymous guy. He also had an emotional affair with a man a few years ago that begged him to end. He did end it eventually. I was so hurt and angry at home for all he put me through that for a moment I lost sight if the right thing to do. I felt justified to hurt him the way he hurt me, or so I thought. Now I just feel terrible. I’m overwhelmed buy guilt. I am an extremely honest person and this was completely out of character for me. I used to judge cheaters now I am one of them. I am so remorseful. I don’t know what to do.

I cheated on my fiancé

Friday, 3 October 2014

I cheated on my fiancé and it is the worst thing I have ever done! I don’t know why I did it because I love him more than anything, I think I wasn’t being myself for a while and thought that life was shit and I needed to do this to get it out of the way! But I wish I could go back and undo it but I can’t! And I don’t want to tell him because he will be so hurt! I know this because I feel so badly awful which means he would feel even worse :( what am I gonna do?

Boyfriend intrigued by thought of me cheating and I actually have

Wednesday, 1 October 2014
Relationship Issues

I have cheated and I actually have left enough evidence behind it was easy for him to figure it out.

Why did I do it? Well, two reasons.

One, I did it for me. I found someone I really wanted to have sex with, make love with. I needed it.

Second, I know he is intrigued by the idea and the possible reality that I might have cheated or have actually cheated. Yet, he never speaks directly to his discoveries of the truth.

I do know all, each and every one of his previous girlfriends and his first wife cheated. He has told me about each one in very specific detail. Now I think he has the whole cheating thing stuck in his head as a trigger for his arousal. Maybe he was always this way.

We have talked about it by skirting the issue. In these conversations, I always tell him cheating is a bad thing. That seems to disappoint him, yet it is also somewhat reassuring to him as well. He is so torn by it all lust vs. fear.

However, he continues to ask so many questions about my solo business trips and who I met or spent my time with. So once I did tell him I let someone kiss me at a business conference (there was more but I held back the rest). He was wrapped in the vision of it for weeks. He even tried coming home early and coming and going at odd times hoping to catch me.

I know it also intrigues him when I comment somewhat suggestively about his past girlfriends and previous wife and all their infidelities. In fact I am friends with his ex-wife and she confirmed for me that he knew and never did anything to stop her.

I have asked him directly a few times if he wanted me to be like all his girlfriends and first wife and cheat too. He avoided a direct answer. But he did ask me about how it would happen. So I told him I could meet some someone on one of my convention trips where after a few drinks, would be escorted back to my room and be seduced and ravaged. I was very explicit in every detail. It was a real story, but I did not reveal that. The story aroused him so much, he asked me to tell it to him again as we made love. I have now told him the story several times in several weeks adding more details each time.

I think this whole thing keeps us bound, he trusts me to stay and I know he will stay and remain faithful. I wish I had someone to talk to about this. Not that I’m bothered by it, it’s just that I have never met anyone like him.

Feel like cheating because my husband did

Relationship Issues
Thursday, 25 September 2014

My husband has cheated on me twice. The first time was not very serious and I caught them talking on the phone before he was able to take it further. The second affair ended only four months ago and lasted 6mo. We separated for a month after he told me he loves her. While separated I became attracted to another man. It was a surprise to me and I did all I could to ignore him. He asked me for help. That night we talked for hours and he kissed me. He made me feel like a woman again. Now my estranged husband wants to come home and I am confused. I understand that the other fling was fantasy but I find myself lusting for him. I have made plans to see him in three weeks and hope to fulfill my need and hopefully close this chapter in my book. Part of me does not want to impose the pain on my husband did to me while the other part wants to feel satisfied. I must act wisely.

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