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Slept with other people when we broke up

Relationship Issues
Friday, 27 June 2014

My boyfriend broke up with me once and then we got back together. During our time apart I was very upset, I started sleeping with a guy my boyfriend knew and eventually my boyfriend found out about it when we were back in a relationship. I just felt like it was none of his business and that if he didn’t want me to sleep with anyone else he shouldn’t have broken up with me. Anyway, he asked me if it only happened once and because he was really upset about it I lied and said yes just once. I also slept with some other people during that time but he doesn’t know that. I’ve considered telling him the whole truth but when he found out just part of the truth he was distraught and made me feel like I was the worst person in the world. I thought he was really unfair, judging me for something that was none of his business, that happened when we weren’t together because he broke up with me. He made me think less of myself and because of that and the drama it would cause I don’t want to tell him everything now.

Caught my wife cheating and it turns me on

Saturday, 03 May 2014

I discovered my wife having an affair with a close friend of mine. We had planned dinner with him at our home when I got called away for work. She accidentally left her damp patties in the living room for me to discover after I got home late. I also found a slick wetness in our bed when I joined her already sleeping. They don’t know I know. I got angry at first, then curious, and now I am constantly aroused by it. Lately, I have to work to avoid becoming hard when we are all together. Now what?

My affair is out in the open

Thursday, 13 March 2014

I have had an affair for about 6 months. We are both married. Both of our spouses know. Not planning for it to end. He makes me feel loved, wanted, needed and happy. I fell in love. I want no one else. I could be satisfied always with him in my life. I respect him, care about him and want the best for him no matter what. He is the best lover and friend of my life.

I cheated on my husband with my first love

Friday, 07 March 2014

I had an affair, emotional and sexual with my first love. He has kids, I don’t. I would leave my husband for him in a minute. I never fell out of love with this man. I sent him nude videos and pictures with me masturbating. I should feel shame but I don’t. My husband has been impotent for 7 years. He rarely touches me sexually. I feel so neglected. I miss my lover, I wonder if he misses me. I knew nothing good would come from him in the end. But, for months, I felt so alive, wanted, sexual. I know he sensed that passion. I can’t stop thinking about him and fantasizing. So hot! So alive. More,more more! Now now now!

I will never find out the truth

Relationship Issues
Thursday, 06 March 2014

Recently, I discovered my girlfriend of 5 1/2 years was in contact with a former lover, during the first 3 years for about a year and a half. And this person just so happened to be a married man. A married man she had an affair with during her previous relationship. When I came into the knowledge of this, I called myself playing the ‘nice guy’ and providing the opportunity for her to communicate without making any blatant accusations such as seeing him or possibly, having sex with him. When I finally decided to confront her and ask whether or not she had been in contact with this person in any way, throughout the course of our relationship, she lied and said, No. It wasn’t until I brought to her attention, my awareness of the communication between them. I’m left in position of whether or not I should give her a second chance, due to trust no longer being what it once was. My gut tells me, regards of what she says, there’s more to the situation than what she’s led me to believe. Considering the fact, while communication was going on, I had no idea. Once I did find out, nearly 2 years had past with no communication between them. I feel as if I should accept the possibility of something happening. Either way, I’ll never find out the real truth.

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