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Workplace involvement

Forbidden Love
Thursday, 16 January 2014

I work in a restaurant. Since I was rehired, I have a Shift Leader who has an abrasive/sarcastic personality (but also really cool and everyone loves him). Has that manner with everyone, but really seems to enjoy power-tripping me. We’d close together, just us, one night a week, and it’s been that way for about four months now. He’d smoke me out and we’d just talk for a bit after giving me a ride home. Nothing really deep or anything, just a dude to chill with. I knew he had a girlfriend (who I’ve never talked to but the few times I’ve seen her I don’t think she liked me), and a little kid. Well eventually... conversations got more flirtatious, less issues with personal space, and after I fished out of him he had a very rocky relationship and that he’s cheated before, he fished out of me whether I’d be into it myself. I said yes. One night he picked me up after work, and two nights later (upon closing by ourselves), we did it again in the men’s restroom. AND IT WAS INTENSE. Well anyway. It’s just pure lust, but so forbidden and that’s what makes it hot. I don’t care about the girlfriend, so long as the kid isn’t affected. I’ll get serious about finding another job sooner or later, but right now... well let’s just say I have every intention of doing so again.

Not letting go

Relationship Issues
Sunday, 12 January 2014

I’m in love with a married woman. We lived together 10 years ago. But then we had to live apart from some time and the relationship collapsed. She ended it and terminated all connection with me. Some years later she married one of the ugliest guys I’ve ever seen. I know it because she put the wedding and couple photos on a social network. She looked terrible in all those photos. She always was a very bright and luminous girl. Yet in the pictures she appeared like a sad and depressed woman. I only know some things about her because of Facebook, since we never spoke again. We ended in bad terms because she was angry with me and I never knew why. She is still married to the ugly guy, who looks like a retard, and they have a 4 year old girl. I’ve had relationships with other women. Yet, the more women I meet, the more I miss her. I’m dating a woman now, and when we have sex I always think about the one I love It’s strange, but the more time passes the more I feel that we’ll be together in the end. As stupid and desperate as this may sound I feel that she’ll divorce soon (she even kept her maiden name and didn’t marry in white, which is really against what she always wanted). The divorce will be very harsh on her and she will lose custody of her daughter. But that’s the price you pay for playing with your life. I just know one thing, though. In the end we’ll be together. Let all those who read this take heed. Regardless of how much time passes and how many people you meet/have sex with you never forget the ones you really love.

I am going to cheat on my boyfriend

Saturday, 11 January 2014

After staying faithful for 2 years and a half, I’ve decided I’m going to cheat on my boyfriend. Because something tells me he has cheated on me already. I was at my boyfriend’s house when my boyfriend had left to get some groceries. His roommate and I were both drinking as we were watching TV. Last night for the second time his roommate proudly stated that there are secrets that he would take to the grave. I asked, “What secrets?” He said “Oh no I can’t tell you…you’ll just tell him.” He says this has he giggles to his gf. As I sit brewing with anger I decided to stop and get even. Many people who know him would say that he would never cheat. And I believed it until I caught him logging in to Ashley Madison (he had the account before we began dating). My world was shattered. He denies (till this day) that he signed up so he can hook up. He states that he did so to look at women’s profile pics which I know he likes to do. So I forgave and moved forward. But I can’t let go of what his roommate said. The first time his roommate implied about having secrets I confronted my boyfriend who said he has no idea what he’s talking about. I let it go as I know a cheater wouldn’t admit to anything if he is not corned. However, I can’t stay in this relationship and be the stupid faith girlfriend. I know I can’t do more than making out…as this is all circumstantial but I have had enough and I already I have my target in mind…

Lied to my boyfriend about where I am living

Made a Mistake
Monday, 23 December 2013

In the summer my boyfriend of 6 1/2 years broke up. During this time, I thought I was completely ready to move on from him. I moved out of my parents house and got my own apartment. My family was totally for me moving on without my boyfriend and they advised me not to let him find out where i lived. Well during the breakup we decided to work things out but I didn’t tell him where I has been 5 months since we got back together & he still doesn’t know where I live...he thinks I am living with my brother.. I know if I tell him it will ruin the entire relationship & I don’t want to lose him.....I have no idea what to do.. I’m so lost!

Got fired for the appearance of sexual harassment

Made a Mistake
Saturday, 14 December 2013

I was fired from my job several months ago, accused of sexual harassment with someone who reported to me. The truth is my report and I had good relationship and nothing happened other than we became good friends and worked well together. However the other colleagues reported about me being too close to her and everything got blown out of proportion. What happened was that I got fired. Thinking back, as a supervisor, I should have been MORE CAREFUL about how I conduct myself as a supervisor. And because of that, I now carry an overwhelming sense of guilt. Now I’m out of a job. I hid the truth from my family, told them that I lost my job because of management restructuring. But for months now, I’ve been depressed and have been carrying this sense of guilt, watching my poor wife as she adjust to me not working, and hence the lost of income. Good thing is she still has her business which brings in some income, although not sufficient. I’ve been repeatedly thinking about what could’ve been, and wishing that I had done things differently. Because what is happening to me and my family now is a direct consequence of my doing. I really don’t know how to go on and is in extreme crisis mode. I’m a wreck, unable to go forward and unconsolable, and having suicidal thoughts. My wife had spent days/months counseling me unsuccessfully. She’s been getting more and more frustrated with my depression as you can imagine. But I know that if I tell her the truth, my family with two children will fall apart and my wife will be completely heartbroken. She doesn’t deserve that. Can someone please help provide some advise?

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