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I want to reveal naked photos of his ex

Made a Mistake
Friday, 14 June 2013

I still have all the naked photos I found on my partners computer of the girl he was seeing while I was overseas for uni. I confronted him about it at the time (1.5 years ago) and he knew I had a copy of them after, but has never asked if I still have them or not. We talked about it in therapy with our psychologist and she said I needed to delete them in order to forgive him and move on (which is what we were trying to do) but I didn’t delete them. We are still together and I still think about it to this day. I would like to print them out one day and send them to her parents address as well as to her boyfriend and any other significant people in her life (especially work colleagues I can find one day). Our therapist told me not to, so I don’t know if I will or not, but I am very much still haunted by this and if my boyfriend knew, he would dump me immediately.

My infidelity caused so many problems

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Hello, I am a woman in my mid-forties. I was married to an angry man for over 18 years. We had 3 kids, so I stayed and tried to make it work. I reconnected with an old BF at a kid’s soccer game and began an affair within 7 months. It went on for about 2 years and then kind of fizzled out. My angry ex never knew about it. He would have gone ballistic if he had known. Around the same time I started up with my old BF, my ex got a huge promotion at work and started flirting with a particular woman. They began an emotional affair. He was blatant and non-apologetic about it. I had "shut him out" and he justified my actions by getting involved with this woman. While I never let my ex, or anyone else know about my affair, my ex held his EO out in front of me to make me upset. It worked. No matter how much I did not love my abusive husband, it hurt to know that he spent much time with the OW. My affair ended and I was okay. I decided to leave, but not before I started an online affair with a guy from elementary school. It was mostly sexual and he was not so nice after I got to know him. He is a swinger and wanted me to participate with his wife. I thankfully, did not participate, but did send some very sexually explicit images and messages to him that my angry ex later found. That foolish move of becoming dependent on another controlling man, lead to a very traumatic divorce. My vindictive ex basically stood on street corners and told everyone what I had done. I ended all contact with this old "friend", forgave myself and finally found a wonderful man. My advice to anyone out there is this: do not get involved in an affair. It’s wrong and it can hurt a lot of people. If that man or woman is in a rotten marriage, let them get out of it first, and then become involved. Same goes for a man living with a girlfriend. He’s only throwing you a bone and you’re worth more than that. There’s a practical reason not to cheat. It’s called litigation. Is that something you’re prepared for? Some wives get angry. Really angry. And they want revenge. Revenge can come in the form of public embarrassment or in a courtroom. I am lucky I was not the recipient of those things. I don’t ever want to hurt a man’s wife by being the other woman. It’s not worth it. I was not a better person for doing that. My old BF’s wife suspected him of having an affair, but I called from phone booths only so she never traced it to me. Still it was wrong and I take no pleasure knowing that I probably hurt her. He told me her faults of course, but overall she is a decent person deserving of a loving, faithful husband. I have no desire to ever do that again in my life.

Lying about my relational history

Relationship Issues
Monday, 10 June 2013

I lied to my boyfriend. We were together for 1.5 years, he asked me to move in. I had never made this commitment before to anyone. After 8 weeks, he decided he was unsure of me. After moving my whole life, storage building, change jobs, etc. About a month after I moved out, we began talking again. We had both been with other people. After a couple weeks of long talks about getting back together I wasn’t invited to a birthday party he was going to (wives and girlfriends were going). I was hurt and I knew he still didn’t want people to know we were seeing each other again. I went on a date and when I got dropped off, he came in for a minute. We made out, but when he left, my ex (talking to/ working it out) saw him leaving. He was furious and flew into a rage so I told him it was my roommate’s friend bringing her something. It took a while to convince him this lie was true but he believed me. A year and a half later, we are engaged and expecting a baby. This is the only lie I have ever told him and I feel guilty. It hasn’t been brought up in a long time and we are very happy now. Our relationship is very different and wonderful. I would never lie to him again and I know the truth would only hurt him. He claims we were together but I don’t feel we were. Why would I think miraculously 2 weeks after seeing each other again he could now commit? So I was not closing off all dating options. I feel bad for lying, but not for sparing his feelings. I know I would never lie again. He has no reason not to trust me and if I told him that would only make him question that.

In lusty love with my boss

Forbidden Love
Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I am in love (or lust) with my boss. I think about him constantly. I invent one fantasy after another that ends in us having some sort of sexual contact. I want to know everything about him. I love it when he tells me small personal things, like about his kids or what he did on the weekend. I go over and over his emails to me even if they are completely mundane and lack any personal tone. I cherish the ones that say something lighthearted or personal. I come home from work wet from spending the day knowing he is on the other side of the wall. I am married and so is he. We are all pushing 60. He and I and our spouses all work in the same office. I like his wife. Actually, I am attracted to her too and fantasize about a threesome. The only one I am not attracted to is my husband—poor guy—but we have been having pretty good sex lately because I am so constantly turned on by my boss. I am a big woman and my boss is a skinny little guy. I haven’t done or said anything, but I feel like a schoolgirl around him and sometimes find myself tongue-tied and blushing when I talk to him. I’m pretty sure he has absolutely no interest in me—he seems very devoted to his wife, who is younger and more attractive than me. I don’t mind though. I’ve been through 10 years of being sexually pretty much dead and now my libido has, for some reason, shot through the roof. Even though I know I’m completely ridiculous I can’t help enjoying the feeling.

Cannot stop lying

Lie A Lot
Monday, 20 May 2013

Lied to a guy, I didn’t have to but I did it anyway. I feel terrible. It was a random guy and it makes no difference, I lied. I have a problem with lying and I am trying to stop but, I lied for no reason to a total stranger.

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