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Sexless marriage is not working for me

Relationship Issues
Monday, 20 May 2013

I have been married for 8 years. For the past 2 years my husband and I have not had sex. He won’t even let me touch him sexually. I began meeting with coworkers for drinks at a bar and met a friend of a friend. The spark was alluring. For 2 months we would flirt: simple things like touching arms when we would touch and hugs. The past 2 weeks we have hung out at parties and have had too much to drink. He kissed me on the lips and called it a friendship kiss because I am married. I want so much more. He makes me feel so giddy and sexy. He has the deepest, bluest eyes that I could get lost in. I don’t know if it will go on much longer. I don’t know if my marriage will last. All I know, is that right now, I would give anything to spend one night in the bedroom with this man!

Still think about the married man I loved

Wednesday, 01 May 2013

I fell in love with a married man. Even though I was married myself, my husband didn’t really seem interested in me and would put me down to anyone who would listen. But this man, he was so kind and warm. He was considerate and I loved him. He had five kids with his wife and I had two children as well but I longed for him. When I was with him I felt like everything was going to be ok. I would have done anything for him. But he passed away and I still dream of him with me.

I am going to marry a compulsive liar

Made a Mistake
Monday, 29 April 2013

I read this post on deception and compulsive liars. I am engaged to one currently. Smoking, porn, money, you name it, he lies about it. I have been labeled the savior in my family growing up so it is no surprise to me that I am still in this relationship trying to fix someone else’s problem. I am getting married in 27 days... to a compulsive liar. And until about two months ago I did not realize what he was doing. He has continually looked at local escorts, let his account go into debt, shut himself off from his friends, and looks at every form of porn that would hurt my feelings. He has tried a multitude of times to quite smoking and still admits to doing so. He is an addict in every sense of the word and yet refuses to look to me for any help. Every time we fight he is given the ultimatum or I’m gone. And each time he swears a new promise and gives me control of whatever is needed. At what point do I become the mother and him the child? In order for him to not look at escorts he needs a phone without internet?? That’s RIDICULOUS—I don’t want to live in constant fear of my husband’s faithfulness. He will always say what he thinks I want to hear in the heat of the moment. We have built this relationship for 2 years and still I find secret credit cards or accounts or online history accounts for local escorts or live webcams. I have a little ray of hope because when I do confront him with the truth he has to take a moment, breathe, and then tell me the truth. This is something he has gotten recently from the therapist. He knows what he is doing and yet he will scream at himself that he doesn’t understand why he does this. He hasn’t grasped the concept that the lies are what hurt and that this will never heal without some sort of re-found trust. But most of all is this feeling of loosing my reality. I’ve never done anything like this to anyone. I question myself now because I cannot tell what is a lie without doing the research myself. I have no trust in this relationship whatsoever, and yet people stand there and say... it could be worse. You could have someone addicted to drugs, alcohol, abusive, and yet you complain about this man who adores you but just lies? It is tearing my mind to pieces trying to believe him and when I do he sits in front of me and just lies. I torture myself in wondering why I do this to him? And then I remember he is lying to me. Over and over and over again. I know I am going to walk down the aisle in a month. I know I may regret it later. So in the end, I think it is my own fault for doing this to myself. My only saving grace is the option of divorce if it doesn’t change.

Looking at escort ads

Relationship Issues
Monday, 29 April 2013

I have an addiction to looking at escort ads. I am totally embarrassed by it not only does it make me feel bad about myself it breaks my heart knowing that my loving beautiful soon to be wife has caught me doing it. It hurts her so much and yet I keep doing it. I want it to stop more than anything I have ever wanted in my whole life. I want to stop hurting her. I want to have her trust back and that total bliss that I normally have with her. If she reads this I am so very sorry baby. I have hurt you so many times and it was absolutely wrong of me to do it. Your moon bear loves you and hopes that you will forgive him someday.

My lies got me into trouble

Lie A Lot
Monday, 22 April 2013

There is a woman I constantly tried to impress. I lied all the time and embellished the truth in any way I could to make myself look better in her eyes. In the end I only made myself look like a horrible liar and fool. Because of my habitual lying I lost her friendship. I hope time will heal the damage I have done to the relationship, but I know it is too late. Lying made the love of my life walk out of my life forever.

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