Can My Husband or Wife Read My E-mail?

Even reading deleted messages is easy to do. There are dozens of software monitoring programs which people can install on their own computer. Some of these programs can even be downloaded free of charge.

This type of software works in the background and it secretly records every e-mail, password, instant message, screen image, and so on. Basically, every keystroke is recorded and can be viewed by a curious spouse. Some of these programs even let a spouse monitor online activities in real time from another computer (a remote location). Furthermore, there are devices which allow people to read deleted, cell phone text messages.

We get hundreds of e-mails from people who have discovered an affair by secretly monitoring their spouse’s computer activity. So as a general rule of thumb: If you are doing something online or sending messages over a cell phone—a suspicious spouse can easily find out what you are doing (see how to catch a cheating spouse).

Finally, it is important to emphasize that installing computer monitoring software on a computer which you do not own is illegal. Other legal restrictions may also apply and they can vary from state to state.

Always check with a manufacturer’s before you purchase and install one of these programs. Most manufacturers will specify how their software can be legally used (see investigative resources).

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