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written by cindy P, 11 January, 2007
My boyfriend’s friends and I are not close at all but when I’m around them they look at me funny as if they know something that I don’t. I have suspected him of cheating ever since he started coming home later and saying he was hanging out with a friend, which most of the time is far from the truth. He recently started a new job which is when all of these behaviors began. I know that his job is very demanding and causes him to work 24 hours a day. How can I tell that he is cheating on me?
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written by Radiance, 15 January, 2007
Track their behavior and compare it with how they used to be. Link stuff, like whatever they do or say. Listen carefully to everything they have got to say. You will notice a certain pattern if they are lying. Truth holds no pattern, and is very hard to figure. So is the lie. But what’s easy about lie is people try to cover up stories with more stories.
Umm, both of you don’t ask your boyfriends any sick questions, just stay on guard and see what happens.

Something from the wise would be "When you are not sure about something, don’t do it." So don’t ask them any questions you don’t want the answers to and don’t confuse them either.
written by UNKNOWN, 24 January, 2007
You’ll usually find that if you talk to your boyfriend’s friends, they will or more than likely tell different stories, to probably back each other up. After all that??s what buddies do.
written by thembi, 12 January, 2011
ya your boy friend can cheat on you this is the best fried they sharing each an every thing an i am also on your same situation right now if some thing doesn’t be long to you just let it go cause once a cheater always a cheater your;s is in a way

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