Past Comments – Upset after reading my boyfriends emails

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written by McKayla123, 15 December, 2011
maybe you should have asked to go through his email right then and there and not snoop.....
written by Emails, 11 January, 2012
I recently went through my boyfriends emails after seeing one pop up on his phone. I logged in on my own phone and was VERY upset with the things I discovered. He had made numerous online dating profiles within the past few weeks behind my back and was talking to numerous girls and hitting on them acting single. He always denied this type of behavior until I literally showed him that I AM READING his profiles at that time.. but you can’t really deny it then can you? How do you deal with this?
written by Elaine420, 05 October, 2012
I recently snooped through my boyfriends things.. he has made multiple online dating profiles, and even has answered some personal ads on craigslist for NSA sex. I dont know how to tell him I know these things. He tells me everyday he loves me n wants to be with me, but I know otherwise. and this is very hard..

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