How might a cheating wife stay in contact with the other person

My wife carried on a sexual affair for 6 months last year. I caught her just by having a feeling that something wasn’t right and gathered evidence for a few months. I confronted her and she admitted to the affair.

Soon afterward the other guy left town. I decided to give her another chance but can’t help feeling that she may still be in contact with him, even though I can’t prove it (no evidence of cell phone calls, texts, no emails etc).

Is there anything particular I should look out for?


I’m assuming that you confronted your wife with evidence of affair. In most cases, some type of evidence or proof is needed to get a cheating spouse to admit to the truth (see catch a cheating spouse).

While such confrontations are often necessary, they can have some unintended consequences. When cheating spouses discover how they have been caught, they often find new ways to communicate with their lovers (see game of cat and mouse).

What are some common ways that people try to keep in touch with a lover behind a partner’s back?

  • Disposal cell phones – Cheap, prepaid cell phones can be purchased at Walmart, Target, and Walgreens can easily be kept hidden from a spouse.
  • Internet Cafés – Internet cafes are a great way for people to keep in touch discretely.
  • Arranged Meeting Times – Lovers often set regular meeting times at a specific location.
  • Private Phone Number -- Several phone service companies now allow people to establish a private number where messages can be exchanged.

Hope this help answers your question.

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