Think my girlfriend cheated and want other’s opinions

I am pondering a situation that occurred with my girlfriend after had been living together for just over a year. The evidence points to the possibility of her having a threesome with her best friend and her best friend’s boyfriend.

It looks on the surface anyways that she had a threesome with them because:

  1. She wanted to go out for drinks with me and them but I wasn’t to fond of the other guy so I said no. This made her very mad and she was angry at me when she left.
  2. She got drunk. She called me and told me she was totally drunk.
  3. She stayed out all night and never came home. She called me at 230 in the morning to inform me she was going to spend the night at her best friends. The tone of her voice indicated she was still mad at me.
  4. Next day she came home at noon. Her tone had changed and she was nice and sheepish, unusual for someone who normally carries anger for a long time.
  5. When we discussed the evening with her friends there was no mention of any offers of a threesome or any discussion about anything unusual. She lied by omission when talking about her night to me. I found out by accident. When her friend was over and she started talking about it and then discovered I was home. She said guess what "my friend asked me to have a threesome with her boyfriend and.." when she realized I was there and went into denial mode. This led to a huge fight.
  6. She had a huge female crush on her best friend and would always talk about how beautiful she was. I later learned that they both were asking her to join them for the threesome. She always seemed to be led by this person.
  7. Her best friend was planning a wedding and my gf was supposed to be the maid of honor but instead her best friend threw her out of the wedding party and ended their friendship. My thought around this is who wants to be in a wedding party with a maid of honor who slept with the bride and groom. This happened very shortly after I found out maybe two weeks later. I have done a lot of research on this topic and I have learned that apparently women who engage in threesomes with their close female friends almost always destroy the friendship. I have discussed it with her and she strongly denies that she had a threesome and is angry when I tell her a small part of me thinks she did it. However, cheaters always lie even in the face of overwhelming evidence. The number of facts point to a very strong possibility that she did in fact have sex with them that night. I will always have some doubt in my mind about her regarding this matter even though I really want to believe her 100%. I will never be able to believe her 100%.

I want to know if your readers think she had a threesome.


We posted your question so you can discover what other people think.

In our opinion, in situations like this you can never be sure. You have a lot of circumstantial evidence, which is always non-conclusive. And no matter what other people think, you will probably never know the truth.

It may help to ask yourself, if you can live with the uncertainty. Can you find ways to be happy in your relationship with doubts lingering about what happened?

Talking about your uncertainty with your girlfriend may help. Making accusations, however, will only lead to denials and increase your doubts.

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