The other woman will not stop contacting my husband

My husband and I have been together for 8 years and married for 6. We separated for 2 months after a fight and during that time he began communicating then moved in with another woman. We reconciled and I was told that she was not what he wanted.

We have been back together for 4 months and she would not stop texting or calling his work cell. We had blocked her from our personal cell and changed the number on his work cell but she got it again. I have asked if he has kept communication with her only to be told that he has only texted or called to tell her to stop.

When will she stop? Recently I intercepted a text from her and answered when she called and told her he was back with me and we were living together.

What do I do?


This is a relatively simple problem to fix. However, you and your husband have to be on the same page. No contact whatsoever. That includes messages saying, “I don’t want any more contact.”

People will keep reaching out and sending messages in the hope of getting a response—any type of response, even a negative one. This just reinforces their behavior and they learn that you can be manipulated, if they pester you enough.

Once you stop responding, she might escalate her behavior in an attempt to get you or your husband’s attention. It is critically important that you ignore her completely. Once she realizes that nothing works, she will stop.

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