I suspect my husband is cheating on me

I am at risk of getting an STD because. I cannot allow him to get me sick because I have a son that depends on me. This is the only son we have, and we have him together.

I need to know if my husband is cheating on me. He complains about everything. He does not sleep at home. He arrives at 6 am and 7 am, and sleeps on the couch to be unnoticed when he arrives.

He does not dedicate even ten minutes a day to be with our son. I heard him talking to a woman one day when he was in the bathroom. He denied having an affair. He locks his phone. I do not have access to it. I am very sure he is cheating on me.

I would like advice, and I would like to by a small camera to catch him, because he seems to know how to get away after being caught talking to another woman.


Healthy relationships are built on love, respect and appreciation (see healthy relationships). The entire point of being in a relationship is the value they add to your life.

From your question, it sounds like catching an STI is the least of your problems. Unhealthy relationships can cause a wide range of serious issues including anxiety, depression, problems at work and health related issues.

Evaluating your relationship might be a wiser use of your time than trying to build a case against him cheating on you (see relationship worth saving).

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