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More relaxed
written by cheated, 02 November, 2006
After reading your response and re-evaluating the relationship it makes a lot of sense. I love her so much to the point that I have allowed myself to accept what has happened and learned a lot from the content on this site. I will not give up on her, but I will not interfere with what she is pursuing. I will sit back and let nature take its course. Like the old adage states, "If you love her let her go... if she comes back she’s yours to keep."
written by Randall, 05 November, 2006
First off, you’re the one who dumped the relationship. Your girlfriend is the one who just hung in there. You crossed the line of trust, no matter how you tried to make up after the fact. You broke the bond... Time to move on.
written by understand, 27 November, 2006
My girlfriend of 10 yrs just broke up with me for a guy who just isn’t her type. It hurts like hell I know and with the holidays it just makes it worse. But, if she’s willing to just throw away 9 yrs of your life together. Than it’s better you know now while your still young and can continue to date than when the looks start going south. My question to you is the same question to myself, do we really want them back and if they do come back, will things really change? Good luck to you!
written by RayKarl, 24 March, 2008
First off...not to make any issue out of it, but I’m gay and recently broke up with my b/f...and it really hurts allot, when it just ends like that I mean there you are thinking everything is ok well... up to an extend cause obviously only after the break-up did I realize I denied all the signs out of ignorance and the fear of loosing the guy. We had our lives planned out, we talked about adopting kids.... need I say more? We had our dreams, our future’s together all planned out, and then one day it all just disappeared. Here is my advice to all the people who feeling what I feel, Life is a unexpected journey, no one can plan your future, live for what you want now, fall in love again but this time learn from of all your mistakes. Always make sure the person you fall in love with feels the same way and that there is no lust, sex etc involved attracting you to the relationship, and love,trust and respect yourself enough to love with all your heart but knowing that each day you spend with your lover might be the last and tomorrow you must be able to depend on yourself to face life! with or without him/her. SO NEVER TAKE ANY RELATIONSHIP FOR GRANTED!!!
written by jd1234, 23 March, 2010
I’m with RayKarl. Never take anything for granted and always be honest with each other and share!
written by Jean paul, 03 February, 2012
My wife just finished with me again, as off when we separated the first time its was very hard to deal with at first was really hurt. But I made a decision to go away for a bit to leave her on her own to have a think, when I came back she wanted me back at the house which I though its was best for the kids and for our marriage as her new years resolution was to make our marriage works, we separated before for few months then got back together for a months and half then finished me again..she said she don’t see u together a we work better on our own. Because at the moment our finance is all over the place debts mounting up and she’s in a part time wages I came out job lat for the hurt I got from breaking up.. Now he saying let see what the future hold at the mo all she thinking to sort our head out first, about few weeks ago she admit to me that she wanted to be with me and the house wife. But what have changed can some one help me because please I had counseling on my own and she didn’t want counseling with me..but she don’t say that will never get back together shes not mentioned about divorce all she can offer me at the mo. is friendship no more then that which I accept I shouldn’t get too comfort about her wanting me back which I was a bit cautious when she was showing me all pf this signs..if anyone there been in the same situation please I’m prepared to listen as I don’t want to lose my wife and kids and in one side I don’t want her to feel pushed into something she don’t want to..please help I’m leaving it to the nature to take it course of source.
written by Sagir, 20 February, 2012
Jean Paul,

You should fight a little harder and not be so passive. At least give her a deadline and be prepared to leave her yourself. Living in limbo is hell, as I’m sure you know.
written by kingkris, 20 August, 2012
Never Give Up Dude..

I’m also in the same position

Plz reply me if you meet your lover again.

All The best..

written by Jordi, 08 September, 2012
The pain is unbearable when you love some one and she suddenly leaves you. I had a relation where I was constantly, how do you feel, is it every thing fine with you, She was caring and loving until one day, she refused sex contact, I accepted. Then asking again about the relationship, she killed me, I need to think what kind of feelings I have for you. It took me by surprise. I called her and asked her if that was for good. She said I don’t know. I have decided not to contact her, let her go. I she comes back maybe is me who will not want her back.
written by johnjojohn, 13 November, 2012
same old story , i think its time to move on, whether she changes her mind or not
written by johnjojohn, 13 November, 2012
it’ll never be the same ,they act like its a burden and there doing it for pity, makes you look like less of a person move on don’t bother them find someone else, then they want you back, tell them nope, i’ve done this both ways, its over
written by HONEYBUNNY, 08 December, 2012
After reading each one of your experiences, it seems that guys are the ones those who tend to suffer the most, I mean socially, psychologically, financially. Having said that....i still feel that one shouldn’t ever give up...coz its not you who was them....who couldn’t live up & sustain the success....&...that they lost a precious gift from GOD....(UNCONDITIONAL LOVE)...that was supposed to be with them forever & now they will long for it forever.

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