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2nd timer
written by Guest, 14 June, 2006
I am married to a man that I believe has cheated on me in the past and has found someone to cheat on me with now. I am sick inside. I feel betrayed and I do not trust him. I just got to a really great point in my life with my career that makes me feel like I have accomplished something. It would destroy me if he is cheating. I can’t sleep. I go through his phone to see who he has called and it hurts me even to do that. He says that he is not doing anything wrong, but I can’t get rid of this sick feeling. I told him that I do not trust him. He says, "I can’t help that!" He is very selfish!!!
written by freakaleak6012, 06 June, 2009
i am married to a man who takes me for granted everyday of my life we have a love hate kind of relationship he tells me he loves me but shows me otherwise or just dont show it at all, or just dont know how to show me i dont know what it is really. He thinks cause he has me now he does not have to show me he loves me anymore. We have no time together as husband and wife he works and comes home and straight to the computer, and then after supper on the game he goes and to my room i go its a really lonely sad life for me and he cant see it so what do i do to make him understand how i feel. If i was one of his friends on his game i could have time with him then but im not a gamerchick so therefore we have no common interest to get us together.
written by Same Situation, 06 July, 2009
I have been married to a guy 15 years older than me, he is 43 and I am 28. He’s got 2 kids from a previous marriage – the girl is 14 and the boy is 11. They stay with us, the mother doesn’t want them. They hate me – they are disrespectful in every way. I met him on a Thursday – he then cheated on me a week later and again before and after we got married – until today he denies it, but a women who truly loves her man just knows.

I love him and I will do anything for him, but his kids are making it unbearable to stay with him.

I pay more that my half – in fact I pay for everything – this month I have decided only to pay 50%. I make enough money to survive on my own, thing is I will miss him terribly – his kids just make so unbearable.

I miss our alone times like in the beginning – now he tells me my birthday is on the way and then I have him to myself all day – so I must eat up their shit for 344 days to have him for myself 1 day.

We should have still been in the honeymoon faze of our relationship but that is long gone.

Talking doesn’t help and I will never make him chose between his kids and me...

What must I do...

written by spicegirl, 29 April, 2010
What the hell do any of you want with these old guys with baggage?????

written by Hi, 23 January, 2011
If a man cheats he already knows it will hurt yet he still does it.

Means he doesn’t love
u. Read the book he just not that into you it’s amazing!!
written by George Anderson.., 17 June, 2011
The act of forgiveness is the act of returning to present time. And that’s why when one has become a forgiving person, and has managed to let go of the past, what they’ve really done is they’ve shifted their relationship with time.
written by kasey, 10 July, 2011
I just got married over a year ago. I really thought that I was marrying him for the right reasons. I am realizing more and more that I plunged into this commitment without thinking it through. He was my first lover and I kind of thought that I may be utterly broken if he leaves me. But after these years of being together, i am realizing how much of a mistake my decision of getting married to him was. First, we are total opposites. I am an adventurer and he is a sloth. He just wants to stay at home and watch reruns. I try connecting with him by watching these non-stop re-runs with him but I sometimes feel like vomiting already because of the futility of this activity. It’s like I am trapped in this non-stop videos of unrealistic stories. Second, he is turning into some mediocre. I kind of thought that he was a mediocre during the initial stages of our dating but i shrugged it away because I was thinking that he would change. He didn’t. In fact he got worse. He doesn’t even want to finish his masters while I am already almost done with my doctorate. Third, I worked two jobs 6 days a week, do household chores, and even took on a writing job to make ends meet. I do all these and never complain. I do all these and make sure that I still have time to socialize with people and be a wife. with him, he works 1 job, 5 days a week, no household chore and he has the capacity to even complain that he is too tired. I just don’t get it. I want to leave him. I just don’t know how. I regret having married him. I should have said yes to somebody else. somebody who shares my passion. I give up.
written by k1, 12 September, 2011

Leave while you can. The longer it takes you to leave, the harder it will be. He is old enough to take care of himself, meanwhile, who’ taking care of you ? YOU will because you need to. He won’t.

written by SHUT UP, 10 June, 2012
Relationships, what are they? In reality, society and religion is what people are influenced by when it comes to relationships. When we grow up, we begin developing an idea that we have a perfect soul mate out there just waiting to sweep us off our feet. Many of us are inspired by fashion magazines and tv shows for our idea of beauty, and when we see someone who is deemed beautiful by society’s standards we usually lust and desire them. Men are controlled by testosterone, women by their nature to reproduce. Some people spend more time thinking about finding a soul mate or spouse while others stay busy with work or hobbies. Some people fuck strangers or have a few sex partners they go to for physical stimulation but nothing emotional. Some people rely strictly on the internet for their sexual needs. I think a lot of people have been brainwashed into thinking they’re gonna find a perfect partner to marry, and when they do find someone and get married, they’re highly disappointed. Honestly, I think most people want to have sex with more than one person continually. I believe there is excitement in discovering new places, just as there is excitement in meeting new people. In life, we all feed off of each other, negative people with negative thoughts will make you feel like you’re stuck in a rut. Find positive people, become positive yourself, forget about relationships and finding one good person to spend your life with. Make multiple friends you can trust with your life, find love in all that you do. Don’t waste your life staying with someone that no longer entertains you, don’t stay with someone and secretly cheat on them because you’re afraid of hurting them. Live boldly, without fear. What I’m saying is, we all have the opportunity to live grand, fulfilling lives, and most of us throw it away so we can spend forty years in partial misery/numbness trying to convince ourself it’s worth it because true love prevails. Fuck the status quo, our world needs a makeover. Let’s focus on helping those in need instead of constantly worrying about our lives and why it doesn’t resemble that of a Disney character’s. I know I might sound crazy, but really, with all the beautiful men and women on this earth, why limit yourself to one? And if you just have to be in a relationship, why not find someone who is comfortable with an open relationship?

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