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written by Guest, 06 April, 2006
I totally agree with all these comments to help you. I have been in this situation before and it did end nasty. I am the female and the male ended up being very upset when I was done with the relationship. No one was seriously hurt but he did some crazy things like mentioned here... Good luck and go get the help... If anything get it for your daughter.
love lost
written by Guest, 25 August, 2006
I am wondering if all that anger that you direct at her is not a lot of anger at yourself. You admitted YOU cheated on her when she was pregnant so I think you have to be realistic and see that is an extremely hard thing for a woman to ever get over. She may indeed love you but can’t be with you because of the hurt. If you are so obsessed with her why did you ever risk your relationship? You need to believe that the love is two way, if you really want to be with her go to couples counseling if that won’t work PLEASE go to counseling, you can get over this.
written by sorry!, 27 July, 2008
I think u need to accept mistakes that have been made and deal with the fact that I didn’t think you two belong together. That can be the hardest words to hear and you do everything in your power to convince yourself you belong together but in the end your still apart. My true advice is patience and perseverance.. they have helped me get through some serious times!
But remember its nothing wrong with u its just that u are destined for different things in life!
written by LaraB, 04 February, 2009
I can’t believe what I’m reading here.

You cheated on her while she was pregnant, now you swear at her and tell her you wish she would die?? Then you wonder why she dates other men? Why would any decent woman in her right mind put up with that?
If you treat people poorly, they will run away.

Here’s a tip: When you truly love someone, you treat them with kindness and patience. You generally don’t want to spit in their face. Dude, you need to learn how to treat people.

I agree with the advice that you need serious counseling, and probably some meds. You are not fit to date, and probably not fit to be a dad. Sheesh.
written by spicegirl, 29 April, 2010
Its too bad you didn’t realize what you had before you cheated! Now, you realize how much you love her and you are frustrated because she doesn’t want you anymore.

When you cheat, you take the chance of your relationship ending. Even if you think it’s over, cheating usually "seals the deal". I have no clue what made this other woman so irresistible to you...but now you have to pay the price of your actions.

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