Past Comments – Problems in our relationship - little sex and he's flirting with others

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written by mwifey, 07 December, 2011
how should i get my boyfriend to get back with me?
written by po, 08 August, 2012
i’ve been married for 5 years..but if some 1 ask me are u happy with your marriage life? i will say 50 % all for my two kids...for the last 5 years i’m longing with my husband to spend time with me..romance,emotional,passion basic things need for wife..i did not feel how important i am to him. hes very workaholic...and then one time i prayed that i hope i will no longer beg him for his time..and i will just understand him and accept him who he is....but someone came in..I met him in project site...we entertain him through texting each other until i feel that i found something very special to him that i’ve longing i wish he came in before i met my husband.. he court me. it ruins me..i love to be with him but i know its impossible i’m married i don’t how to stop all i know is i’m happy talking to him and be with him. but i have lots of kids my husband,friends and most especially his wife...what is the best thing to do...please i have no peace of mind.

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