Past Comments – My ex-boyfriend has moved on with his life and I can’t seem to let go of the anger, resentment and hurt feelings

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written by Jcarat, 21 October, 2011
I gave him back his stuff and do indeed feel better though passing by the empty wall where the painting use to be disturbs me. I will remedy that with another painting, luckily my new boyfriend is an artist. I also went away on vacation while he came to get his stuff and I think that was a wise thing to do. I never did write that letter to him and now I just don’t feel like it. How can people live with themselves after being so selfish. I’m still bummed out about waiting for him to be ready and then not being able to have children when he was and then him leaving me after he knew. I’m sure there’s a hell for someone like that but I sure wish he were living in it now.
written by vivienne2late, 21 October, 2011
I was involved with a younger man and the relationship ended by a text message from him about 3 weeks ago that he might be getting married. The shock, pain and humiliation that I didn’t see all the lies is unbelievable, I am totally broken and angry at the same time. It will be a little easier to let go now that I’m seeing all the lies for what they were, I understand your feelings about letting go, but today I deleted every email text message and hopefully very soon I’ll have deleted all the false memories he made with me. And it’s true that he will probably go on successfully lying to some other poor unsuspecting woman, because just like us you don’t see the lies until its too late.
written by chariz, 03 February, 2012
Yes, give his stuff back. I’m pretty sure karma will arrive in due time )

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