My husband is acting more loving

My marriage is just a year, but recently I noticed that he is showing more care and love more than before. Is he cheating on me or is he trying to be a nice husband? I am totally confused.


People change their behavior for a wide range of reasons. Maybe your husband has trust issues and he is starting to feel more secure and show his true feelings. Maybe he is compensating for a mistake he made with someone else. Maybe he realizes that you are the most important thing in his life.

If you are generally a suspicious person, then it might not be too useful to try and figure out his behavior. Rather it might be helpful to ignore what he is doing and focus on your own feelings and where they may come from (see truth about attachment).

On the other hand, if you are generally a trusting individual, why don’t you just talk to your husband about how you feel? Mention that you love the extra attention, but you don’t exactly understand where it is coming from (see talk about problems).

Generally speaking, if things are going well and you feel loved, it might be best to enjoy the experience.

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