Cheating and fighting – should we call it quits??

I have been in this relationship since high school on and off for 13 years since 2002. My husband and me have kids together. It’s been 8 years of him being unfaithful with numerous women and I have forgiven or at least have tried to and moved on in our relationship.

The last woman he cheated on me with hurt the most. He told her he loved her and that she was the only thing that made him happy. I left and tried to work on my self. Eventually we got back together. The problem is that I was seeing someone else and when my husband and me decided to reconcile I didncompletely leave that someone else.

We worked hard trying to fix our marriage but I would keep finding texts to the same woman he had told he loved. I in return started texting the guy I was seeing when we had split up it was never anything serious either way it was wrong and my husband found out. Lately we have been going on this back in forth if you text her I’m going to text him thing and we have both finally have had enough.

I told him I would stop and block and delete him from our lives if he would do the same with her. He refuses and says that she will always find him no matter what and that he is better off just ignoring her.

He also says he doesnknow what he wants any more but that he loves me. I am beyond confused and I know that this is going to be a very hard place to get out of. We both love each other make a great parenting team when we’re out together we have a great time when we go out our sex life is amazing and we can talk about everything under the sun except our issues.

We have become passive aggressive and will not say anything to one another until we explode and start the blame game. Should we try counseling or should we just divorce and try to become friends I’m completely lost.


The lying, cheating, and not being able to talk about your issues is troubling to say the least. The passive aggressive behavior and fighting are also red flags. Couples, who are happy and make their relationships work, are able to trust each other, talk about problems, and keep negativity to a minimum (see healthy relationships).

At the very least, counseling is your best option. You may not be able to save your relationship. But, a qualified counselor can help you realize that it is time to call it quits and help you move on in the best way possible.

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