My boyfriend is constantly talk to other women through social media

My b/f and me have been together for nearly two years two weeks from today, and I just want to say I love him so dearly. However, he had an iPhone and he would constantly be on different dating websites such as; plenty of fish, tagged and tango to meet different women all around the world. He would text these women saying I quote ‘whats up my future wifey’ and then start chatting them asking questions about them selves and then give his phone number out to them. I have forgiven him time and time again and I feel like a fool for putting up with this for so long but I donknow what to do? I am deeply concerned because I have told him I donlike seeing him doing these things but he still seems to do it behind my back.


This is a fairly simple problem to solve. You should talk to your boyfriend about how his behavior makes you feel one more time. Try to get him to empathize with your point of view (see talk about problems). If your boyfriend doesn’t change his behavior in light of your discussion, then you have a decision to make. Despite loving him dearly, do you want to be involved with someone who does not take your feelings into consideration? You cannot really change his behavior. You can make it absolutely clear how you feel. If he doesn’t respond the way you like, then you have a clear choice to make – leave the relationship or be miserable in it.

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