My boyfriend seems to be losing interest

I have been dating my boyfriend for over a year and a half. We have been very close, and we have been really happy together.

We actually have a son together. But lately he doesn’t really want to be with me or our son as much anymore, and when he is around he just sits in front of the TV, and complains and has me do things for him.

His cell phone is now something that he snags it away if I even look at it, and he used to be very interested in our sexual relationship, and now seems as though it doesn’t matter, just tonight he said he was to tired and didn’t feel well, but he tells me all the time he is never too tired for sex, and he felt well enough to go out with a female co-worker (who he goes out to eat with at least three or four times a week).

We have had problems in the past, he did not cheat on me, but when I was seven months pregnant with our son he broke up with me twice because he wanted to have sex with other girls and not be cheating on me.

I have told him many times since then that he was lucky because if he does it again we would be done, and also I have been very stressed taking care of our son all day, and taking care of my mom (who was just diagnosed with very aggressive breast cancer), and I had talked to him about it and thought he understood, and was ok with it, but now I am afraid that he is cheating on me with his co-worker, but I’m not sure what to do about it.

I keep hearing that it is best for my son if I am with his father, but if he is cheating and I am unhappy is it worth it?


Most relationships run into this problem. Sexual and emotional interest in a partner declines around the 2-to-4 year mark. And the decline is not gradual, but it is a dramatic drop, especially after the birth of a child.

It is at this point in the relationship, where couples make critical decisions. Can you find ways to keep your relationship interesting? Do you have enough in common to make your relationship work? Do you have enough respect and concern to work through these difficult issues? Our response to another question may help explain this dynamic in more detail (see second marriage).

Ideally, children are raised in an environment where their parents demonstrate concern and affection toward each other. But with that said, most children form a close bond with one parent—the parent who provides the most care. If you are stressed and unhappy, it can impact how your child forms an attachment to you. If you can reduce the amount of stress and anxiety in your life, that is probably in your child’s best interest (see forming attachments).

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