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written by broken01852, 16 November, 2006
Thank you for the unbiased, enlightening advice. I’ve been evaluating our relationship and the cons seem to be outweighing the pros. I’ve checked out quite a bit of literature, to include "He’s Not That Into You" by Greg Behrendt/Liz Tuccillo as well as "What Men Don’t Want Women To Know: The Secrets, The Lies, The Unspoken Truth by Smith & Doe Staff", both of which have been VERY insightful. I’m wondering if our relationship is worth salvaging. In a sense, it’s like an abusive relationship: the conflict, the appologies with promises, the honeymoon phase, troubled waters, and another conflict. Ugh. You’re right in that we have many other issues at hand besides the potential infidelity. For the moment, I have decided to take a hiatus and have told him that I need time to cool down. I can’t stop thinking about it. It has consumed me. BTW, I didn’t write that comment above, everything isn’t OK right now. He claims he loves me with all of his heart but in my gut, I don’t feel it. I know he doesn’t feel that I’m "the one" (else he’d have already popped the question) and I don’t feel special or desired. He’s an immature, befuddling person (a real Jekyll and Hyde). One minute, he tells me he’s "never gonna marry no friggin’ broad" and the next, he’s naming our children. Everytime I have dumped him, he has threatened to kill himself. Yep, he’s a nutbag. I think my next step is to demand he seek counciling before I even consider reconsiliation.

Working Towards Piece of Mind, Heart & Soul,
Quit Deluding yourself
written by Matt_Limes, 06 December, 2006
OK, it really seems like you have started to make the realization that this relationship may not be healthy, but then you say things like "think my next step is to demand he seek counseling before I even consider reconciliation."
You need to re-read those books or screw your head on a little tighter. There are LOTS of guys out there who will treat you much better than this WITHOUT counseling, and who you don’t have 5 years of crappy history with. What you’re talking about is tantamount to fixing up a crappy car that has let you down countless times instead of getting a new one. The knowledge you’ve gained from this relationship is the down payment you need to BUY A NEW CAR!!
Love with your Heart or your Head?
written by broken01852, 09 January, 2007
Give me a break; I just had my heart totally stomped on. I was feeling very confused and lost, hence writing in for advice. Love isn’t logical and sometimes people do stupid things. I love with my heart rather than my head, so sometimes I have a hard time bringing myself to do the things I know I should do. After all, love is blind. I hope that you can empathize? I resent being told I need to screw my head on a little tighter. I am a very level headed, down to Earth woman. I know what I want in life, and I’m not easily sueded. No, I haven’t gotten back together with him. I realized that I lowered my standards and compromised my character by allowing our pitiful relationship to drag on. I like your sh*tbox vs. the new car analogy. It??s actually pretty ironic because I just spent $2500.00 rebuilding my transmission. Funny how often I’ve had to ask myself if hunks of junk deserve salvage these past few months. Wanna buy a car?
written by tantrum, 02 August, 2008
What the hell are you still doing with him? You’re 31 for god’s sakes! That’s 5 years to nothing. Tell him it’s commitment now or dump the loser. Find yourself a better man!
written by Mark T, 09 January, 2009
Good for him. It’s about time women got the same treatment they give us. Everything is about the guy cheating, always... no one seems to mention what women do wrong.
written by sweet_angel, 18 September, 2009
It’s totally cheating, and lets accept the fact that were totally blind not to look on it...
Sometimes it’s not because we don’t want to, but we have to face it. We will never know, the pain will be deeper and deeper, later on we will be too lost for letting him to do it more. i must say that its better to leave him but make sure when you do it, your definitely ready to move on and never look back.
written by dummyhead, 03 October, 2009
Junk is junk. But I guess someone’s junk can be someone else’s treasure. This is not the time to be environmentally friendly and use the junk till you can’t use it anymore. Be strong and think of your sanity and long-term happiness.
written by gab, 17 November, 2012
God this seems so familiar...cheating is or not..

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