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Why do men toy with our emotions?
written by Guest, 14 July, 2006
Every male I know has cheated or is cheating on their partners. Its so hard to try and understand. Why? Then when you catch them, first they’re saying no. It’s not true. You’re crazy. You don’t trust me. Next the switch happens. Now he’s mad at me for always accusing him and I’m all this and that, and then it’s you can just leave. With the most angry voice: I hate you, f-leave. Lastly when I decide to leave. He’s like I’m sorry, don’t go. He’s all sweet and nice, until the next time I catch him, lying. So do I leave, because I am past the trust. I have zero trust in him. All I do is trust he’ll hurt me again, and send me packing.
written by Guest, 14 July, 2006
My ex boyfriend keeps on getting mad every time he hears I talk to someone else. What should I do? He says he loves and trusts me, but I don’t believe him.
written by mrs dumbfounded, 13 August, 2009
8 yrs three kids later and beautiful kisses every morning. then i found his blackberry. chats dirty with at least two grls and tells them he loves them.they live in different states and says it meant nothing. one grl hes talked to for 2 yrs! he says hes glad he got caught and that he has struggled w this fantasy world.he says never again and so sorry. i try to forgive him, then i throw it in his face a day or two later cause i am so disgusted about his two yr deceit. i am still with him because i do love him,called him my soulmate.guess we will see how it goes
written by I wished.., 17 November, 2009
I wished that we could just tell our boyfriend straight up about how we feel when he lies and cheats. Sadly, us women are too sunk into a relationship and its too hard to say anything. He tells you he loves you with all his heart and you accept it, you love that warm fuzzy feeling inside, its almost like a drug you must take and you can’t help but be loved. This is something that occurs in almost 90% of relationships and its something hard to get rid of. You just need Trusting towards each other. (Very hard.)
written by Caroline B., 14 June, 2010
i met this man online (which i guess should have been my first clue) but he lived 900+ miles away... he came up to visit me, meet my family and after only six months, i decided to move to his state to be with him. now he’s cheating online all the time, i catch him with a new person every week it feels like... we never have sex, and i have a big appetite. he’s not affectionate anymore, he’s always moody and literally says he doesn’t like being touched; whether it be sex, holdings hands or even being brushed up against. what pissed me off most, is that he tells this girls that i never touch him and we never have sex, and more specific sexual things but i either do all these things or ask him to, and i am always shot down. now i’m 900 miles away from my family and everyone i know, and i think it could be the biggest mistake i’ve ever made. i love him so much, but everything is a lie. after i talked to his father and mother, most of what he said about his past was bullshit. BE CAREFUL ladies!!!! i’m still with him because right now i’m just too weak to make a change, but i know i must. you’re not alone, and don’t feel foolish because you followed your heart!!

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