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written by reema, 01 March, 2012
I have the same problem what should I do?? I’m away from him but I’m tracking his computer....
written by msgina, 27 April, 2012
He will never stop......its who he is. A liar and a cheat, please move on before the years go by.
written by SkypeCheater, 23 July, 2012
My husband almost did the same thing, i was away and something told me to check his email, he replied to a craigslist add for Skype sex, after reading what he wrote to the women, my heart feel and i felt sick to my stomach, i confronted him, he said nothing happened he was ashamed and embarrassed, but how do i know if he went through with it or not if he has lied to me up till now, he would have never have said anything....he says its not cheating as its online..... i think it is,,,,my problem with this is (if or if he didn’t go through with it) is he going to do it again.... and why does he not think that there is nothing wrong with it.....
I want to save my marriage and not run out because of this, but if he can’t see there is a problem with it then..... i told him its his F(*&% up and he needs to find us a marriage counselor to talk to.... he has not done so, he says he is to busy.....
What should i do?
written by Skype_confused, 19 October, 2012
Just confronted my boyfriend about his skyping other woman, he felt ashamed he couldn’t even look at me. We talked about it but I felt bad cause I was being judgmental. Nothing got fixed tonight. (not really sure what I was looking for) I don’t know how to feel. He apologized but continued to explain that it was just to get off nothing more. But conversation between them said otherwise.
So confused not sure what to do now. We have been dating for such a long time.
written by gabbyabbyabby, 10 November, 2012
Glad i read this...i caught my boyfriend of 4 years doing same on skype..went to his page and noticed he was looking for a relationship on topface...noticed he commented on a girls picture a lot..shes from one point he asked me if someone from Ukraine would need visa to come here..after so many arguments i guess he chose to keep this woman ...i left and ordered him out of our home which he has done..i am now back home and just sick to my stomach how a man can be in a relationship but still looking for one...
written by gabbyabbyabby, 10 November, 2012
Damn relationships but looking for relationships..i just threw my boyfriend out because of his skype relationship
written by D.a.w, 10 January, 2013
Just been through the same thing, been with my Arab partner for over a year have a great sex life – for real, but he went to work on oil rigs for 2 weeks a month all of sudden I found out he’d been messaging women on a website I actually read the messages when I caught him but then it also came out he’d sex skyped a 41 year old Albanian prostitute during his 2 week spree same story as u guys he is ashamed but very defensive, we have a great sex life so he can’t use that as an excuse but said he ‘wasn’t happy’ at the time. Cannot get the image out of my head about how the Skype conversation went, feel so betrayed and I do think it is cheating. He said he got carried away and sought bigger and bigger thrills until this apparent one time Skype convo when he realised he’d gone to far. Feel sick all the time want to forgive him but can’t believe a word he says, best of it is that he now refuses to talk about it as he quote ‘has punished himself enough’ for his mistake. No idea what to do now, images in my head are driving me crazy.
written by D.L, 06 April, 2013
Move on!!! I’ve been through the same thing numerous times.I came to realize that a cheating men will not change unless he changes his state of mind which can be pretty challenging. Especially when they can’t admit their wrong doings. Move on emotionally and when ready go on with your life.

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